Sunday, June 12, 2005

What a Crazy Month

This weekend has been full of oddities, swinging wildly from stress to relief to stress again. Friday night, since we are watching our budget, we had appetizers out, but not dinner. We stopped by Nick's for some fried cauliflower while we tried to decide what to do about dinner. Then, we went out to the house my cousin is renovating. He wasn't there, but we were able to peek in the windows & everything he said about how fabulous it is appeared to be true.

Since we were so close to my grandparents', we stopped in there to visit for awhile. My grandmom invited us to dinner. It smelled great (sausage & sweet potatoes), but we chose to head on home. We ate big bowls of cereal for dinner and watched Bar Girls, which is one of the very worst lesbian movies I have seen. I have seen plenty of unedifying dyke film dreck, but this is particularly dreadful...makes the gals on The L-Word look like positive mavens of moral scruples. J & I cannot for the life of us figure out why people don't just make lovely movies like How To Make an American Quilt or Sleepless in Seattle or Notting Hill where the love interests both happen to be female but don't happen to be amoral, drama-laden barflies. Ugh! It would be nice to see lesbian romance movies that are neither prurient nor specifically about lesbianism. Ah, well.

Saturday morning, we went to the rental & did a bit of cleaning before meeting with a potential buyer. I cannot say enough how unbelievably trashy our renters were. A neighbor came over & offered her & her fiancé's services for repairs and cleaning, as well as grass maintenance. She also offered to buy the pool & deal with the removal. She paid us what we asked & that's one less thing we have to worry about. The potential buyer is interested, so we need to see what kind of contract he draws up & then have our attorney look over it. We also will be checking him out with the BBB & the state attorney general's office before signing anything. He sounds like everything is aboveboard, but it's best to be sure. I would love to get it off our hands pronto, but I don't want to get ripped off.

After showing him through the house, we had lunch at The Blueberry Café, our first visit & certainly not our last. It is lovely inside & the food is wonderful. J had scrambled eggs with cheese, a pecan waffle, & bacon. I chose the chicken club quiche with a wedge of iceberg topped with blue cheese, bacon, & bleu cheese dressing. We each had a mimosa & I also got to try bubble tea for the first time. It's interesting & surprisingly good. I first heard about it from my cousin Leah, who an enthusiast of all things related to anime or Japanese pop culture. It turns out, at least in this rendition, to be somewhat tropical-tasting fizzy fruit juice/soda with a layer of large black tapioca pearls at the bottom. I quite liked it & would order it again. J was a little iffy about the tapioca, but liked it otherwise.

After lunch, we got to actually go through John's house. It is stunningly gorgeous, filled with light. If there were any way we could buy it, we would. We were both quite taken with it & have been fantasizing about winning the lottery ever since. It would help to actually play the lottery, of course.

We stopped by home briefly, then headed out to the Street Fair. It was a great deal of fun, although the heat & humidity were wilting. Great people-watching. Unfortunately, when we returned home, we discovered that someone had made off with the boys' bikes, as well as J's. They took them out the side garage door. Damn! We are relatively certain it was kids because they left some other stuff that might've been more enticing, like a 6-pack of beer. So, we spent the next several hours filing a report with the police (Aaron's dad was the officer who responded, so that was nice) & driving around town looking for the bikes. No luck, so we had dinner at Bob Evans, then came home to bed. We are seriously dreading telling the boys about their bikes. With any luck, the kids will be forced by their folks to return the bikes. But, I expect they are just gone. More cash outlay...yippee. May karma be swift. I know, I know, turn the other cheek. But, still I say, may karma be swift.

J went in to work this morning at 6 & I went to church & Sunday School. I was the lector & also the Program & Worship representative to recognize the graduates. I hung out with Beth & Kat at coffee hour, chit-chatting. Laura joined us & reiterated the invite to jazz & martini night this week. She & Brendan also told me about a new Thai place that sounds good. Now I'm hungry for Pad Thai. But, I am supposed to go to my grands' for lunch, so I should sign off.

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