Friday, June 10, 2005

Love Our Thursday Dinners

The daytime hours yesterday didn't bring much of interest. I spent much of the time trying to find a way to sell this house quickly. God, I hope we get some kind of bite soon...and not one that will rip us off. I also got groceries & read a little of Elizabeth Berg's The Year of Pleasures. She is such a great writer. I have the utmost respect for her work & I devour her books as soon as I can get ahold of them. I also spoke to Brendan again. He wants me to write the prayer of illumnation for Sunday, says I'm gonna have to do it anyway, so I might as well have practice. He gave me a couple of guidelines & apologized for not using a reading that doesn't have gender-specific language. I let him know that it doesn't bother me. I find it sweet that it matters to him, but I know that God knows who we're talking about no matter the gender. Just as I don't spell woman "womyn", I generally just go ahead & use the male pronoun for God when it turns up. I know in my heart that God has no gender...or is all it doesn't bug me.

Boot went to Aaron's birthday party yesterday afternoon. They all went to see the Star Wars movie again, then they were going to hang out at Aaron's & swim, with spending the night a possibility. He did end up spending the night. I hope he had a grand time! Summer is a wonderful time for boys. Pie delighted in being able to play video games all day. I tried to get him to cook with me, but summer vacation is summer vacation. I may wrench him away from the games one of these days, but in the very first week, I think kids should be able to make their own choices about what kinds of things they want to do. Me, I was at the pool all summer when I was a kid. I plan to drag them to the lake or pool next week. I have also promised Pie that we'll go to a different library each week. He's thrilled!

We had a wonderful dinner visit! I made a sausage & cheese quiche, some steamed broccoli, & a walnut-crumble pear tart, while my grandmom made a salad. Boy, did the sliced radishes in it taste good to me. I don't often buy radishes & I don't know why. I love to snack on them, ever since I discovered I liked them in that restaurant in Florida when I was a kid. The owner or chef found out I had eaten them & sent a large bag home with us. What a wonderful gift for a kid! What a kind restauranteur!

Dinner got interesting (well, more interesting) when the bee guy showed up. Because he needed dark & quiet, we couldn't leave until he was done. My granddad, at 86, was out there climbing around on the roof in the dark with him, or so my grandmom & I assumed. We never asked. Better not to know for sure. J went & napped on the couch, with Pie perched atop her watching cartoons & dozing. My grandmom & I had a great visit. She showed me the spoon collection that belonged to Grandma Sarah. I didn't even know about them, but they are lovely sterling pieces. There are some with her maiden name monogram & engraved '09 (my grandmom thinks they may have been a graduation gift), some that are souvenir spoons fancier than any I've ever seen (one from Coe College, one from Omaha, one from Texas, and one from Belgium), and some with elegant floral engravings. I find all those old serving pieces & linens & such so much more gracious than what we have today. There is a lot of nice stuff out there, but it's just not the same. Life has changed & while we have gained a great deal (like air conditioning & the vote for women), we have also lost an immense amount. I want to start collecting old china, linens, & silver...and using them! I love the few pieces I have.

When we got home, we found our raccoon perched atop the trash can, having a feast! I honked & it looked up at us with shiny, inquisitive eyes. I honked again & started to drive into the garage & it ran away. We found that it had eaten egg leavings, a little salad, and had started on the chocolate-covered cherries discarded by the boys. That raccoon has a sweet tooth! Pie was delighted with seeing it...he said, "I saw my first raccoon & my first hummingbird today!" We were delighted, too, although I made a note to myself to always close the garage door at night! We also saw 2 deer on the way home.

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