Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Showing the House

Monday morning, I was up bright & early to show the house to two potential buyers. The first set was a couple with 2 daughters. They would like to buy it & fix it up, but aren't sure about financing. Since we want to sell it ASAP, we will most likely not be selling to them. I found it interesting that they were much more in-depth in terms of checking out the house than the investors have been. I guess if you're just going to fix it up & unload it as soon as you can, it doesn't really matter or something. The next guy, an investor, treated me like a serf & pissed me off. So, he is out of the running unless he offers at least $25,000 over what we're asking. I am fairly certain we'll sell it to the first guy who saw it. He had the bank going through for an appraisal today. He has agreed to pay us what we're asking plus the back rent the tenants didn't pay...hope that doesn't change after the appraisal. We're supposed to meet him tonight to sign the contract.

I was polishing my review when I saw a black truck driving through the yard. I was astonished until I saw my lawn furniture in the back & realized it was John bringing it over from our grandparents'. He & I had a nice visit before he had to leave to close on a house. I'm glad he & Nola are coming to the reunion this weekend.

After I finished my review, I wrote 4 chapters for the cookbook I have just started. I think it's really a neat concept & I hope a publishing company does, too. I should be able to get it finished over the summer & send it in.

We had Cuban fried chicken for dinner, along with fried potatoes & calabacitas. After dinner & getting the boys to bed, J & I went out & lay down in the yard. We watched the fireflies & listened to the crickets & admired the moon. How relaxing!

Yesterday was my WW day. I lost 3.8 pounds & I am very pleased with that. Still a long way to go, but I am moving in the right direction. Afterward, I took lunch to J (sandwiches from Current Cuisine) & picked up McDonald's for the bitties. Much of the rest of the day was spent supervising Pie's massive undertaking of cleaning his bedroom. Wow, what a mess! Luckily, his brother pitched in & they made huge progress. He is working on his closet now. Oy vey, the Lego sounds!

The boys went over to Jason & Mark's to play for the evening. J & I had Welsh Rarebit on English muffins, with lima beans & peaches on the side, for dinner. She'd never had Welsh rarebit & was skeptical of it, but ended up liking it.

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