Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Getting Things Accomplished

That is the theme of this week. I am currently typing at a new desk that I put together all by myself. Monday, I spent time polishing my review, finishing the collage for the church directory, and doing some housecleaning. J wanted me to wait to go to the grocery until she go home from work, always more spendy but also much more fun! We had a grand time picking things out.

Once we got home, we fixed dinner together. We had pecan-crusted catfish with squash (both zucchini & yellow summer squash) and peppers (red & orange), citrus-clad asparagus (which was too cayenne-spiked for J), and rosemary biscuits. I have the hardest time making my dough unsticky enough to cut the biscuits out, so I always end up making drop biscuits. They aren't as pretty, but they sure do taste good.

Yesterday, the A/C guy called early in the morning. He came at just the time of my WW meeting, so I missed that. He is also of the opinion that our unit is not salvageable & that we may as well buy a new one. I had him send a letter to the home warranty people because he didn't think maintenance had anything to do with its demise. So, with any luck, they'll cover it. That would certainly be less stressful. The good news is that this place will work with us on a payment program so we don't have to cough all that up at once if the warranty place won't pay.

I took lunch to J at work. We sat in her office & ate whole wheat baguette with smoked salmon & herbed cream cheese. We also had some Vermont extra-sharp cheddar & pluots. They were sweet & very juicy, so much so that we both got juice on our shirts. The whole lunch, people were in & out of the office. One of these days, I am going to drag her out for lunch somewhere nice.

After our visit, I went to Target to check out the shelves & to get birthday gifts for Liz, who'll be 50 next week. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of them, but I won't post about them here in case she's reading this. They are all about celebrating her fabulousness. I hope she will. I know 50 might be a tough one for her...she didn't take 40 well & things in her life are a little topsy-turvy right now.

I picked up a book Boot had ordered for his friend (and a Frappuccino, which I promptly spilled on top of the plum juice), then went to get my desk. I also found a small bookshelf for only $13. Then, I made my way home & started to work on putting together the desk. I sweated & cussed & got it mostly together yesterday. Then, J got home from work & we went to dinner.

We chose C'est Tout to celebrate the first day of summer. I had invited Laura & Brendan to come along, but they are busy getting ready for vacation (going to Canada for 2 weeks...Brendan mentioned some kayaking on the lake). It was delicious! I had been a touch disappointed in my main course the previous visit, so I was happy this meal was so great. For my appetizer, I had a wonderful salad of julienned Belgian endive & beets, with roasted pear, walnuts, & roquefort cheese, all tossed with a vinaigrette. J had a crab cocktail, big hunks of meltingly tender crab with a slightly tangy sauce & little frills of garnish veggies. I chose the coq au vin for my main course & regretted it not one whit. J had steak with béarnaise sauce, served with hand-cut fries. For dessert, we split the trio of chocolate mousses. Then, we drove home, happy & full. J was astounded that the drive home took less than half an hour and commented that she needs to get out more, especially if it doesn't take that long to get places. I heartily agree. I can never figure out why she objects so strongly to going anywhere out of town on a work night. It's good for debriefing.

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