Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reading, Clothes, and Rude Customers

I spent a great deal of time yesterday reading. I finished The Language of Baklava & started The Divine Circle of Ladies Making Mischief. I also ran errands, picking up prescriptions, dropping off mail, exchanging camera batteries, buying groceries. I ended up buying some clothes at Target, too. My current purse has an ailing strap (plus J thinks it's too ugly), so I picked up a cute new Isaac Mizrahi one on sale. I also found a pair of silky white pjs with tiny black dots on them, a soft white tank top, & a wonderfully light lime-colored buttondown that reminds me of the colors & materials in Bride & Prejudice. I also picked up some bright green capris & a tan skirt with pink vintage-y flowers for J. She loves them both. I restrained myself from buying scads of underthings, sleep clothes, & jewelry. There is so much vintage-style stuff out these days. Drool!

When J got home, we all went out to Los Mariachis for dinner. One of the bus boys brought a dish of queso fundido to our table. We hadn't ordered it & said so. The people in the next booth started saying, really loudly & really rudely, "Hello! Hello! Over here!" & treated the guy like he was an idiot. I was furious!!! So, I commented really loudly about how rude that was to J & the boys. The people didn't even seem abashed at all. Stupid Americans with their vile sense of entitlement. I mean, not all Americans are like that, of course. But, that's how this country gets its bad reputation. Oh, my god, was I angry! But, our dinner was good & our waiter was kind.

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