Friday, June 17, 2005

An Offer & A/C Issues

Yesterday was mostly a getting-stuff-done-around-the-house day, and most especially a getting-the-kids-ready-for-camp day. I did a bunch of laundry & some micromanaging. LOL! Lunch was a fabulous sub at Ha Ha's, with some interesting people-watching. Then, it was back home to meet the air conditioning guy. It looks like we may have to get the whole system replaced, but we are seeking a second opinion because what the guy said didn't make sense to us at all. I certainly hope we can somehow find a way just to replace the compressor. Or something.

J & I met the buyer for our house yesterday evening, to accept his offer. It will be great to have this out of our hair. After that, we gathered the chicken I had marinated with a rosemary soy mixture, baked potatoes, and some veggies & dip (paprika & Worcestershire-based) to go feed my grands. We had a fun dinner with them & my grandmom made homemade strawberry shortcake with locally-grown strawberries. She loves it when they come into season here. Me, too! Soon, they'll be able to stop at the farm stand on the way home & get corn & tomatoes. When those are in season, it's about all they eat! It's on the way home, one of the ways to go, from my WW meeting, so I expect I'll be stopping often, as well.

This morning, after J went to work, I cleaned out the car & took it to the dealership for an oil change & A/C fixing. My grands were kind enough to meet me there & give me a ride home. They stopped in for coffee, then went on their way. I wish we could go over there tonight. My mom's coming to town & I'd love the extra time with her. However, we are being taken to dinner by the new plant manager, along with the other managers & their spouses. I need to figure out what to wear. I'm going to ride my bike up to the salon & get my hair cut & brows done in a few minutes.

I have spent the bulk of today doing laundry & making sure the bitties have everything they need for camp. Exciting, eh? But, they are so cute & so much fun to spend time with that it's all good. They have been immersed in working on a cat puzzle for the past couple of days. Every time I look in on them, they are even farther along. They really have a talent for puzzles. They want a two-sided Star Wars one next. Will have to find it for them while they're at camp.

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