Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Garage Door Tribulations

I got up at 6:30 yesterday morning to see if I could release J's car from the bondage of the garage. After much climbing, rattling, wrenching, hammering, & cussing, I found I was unable to accomplish that task. So, we both climbed back into bed to await the door people's call. Once the guy arrived, he took one look and said, "Wow, that's a really old one" & informed me that they don't even work on those. However, he was willing to take a look. He plugged it back in & tried it & it worked. Argh! He said that it may or may not keep working, but kindly showed me the nondescript metal piece that is our ticket out should the opener jam again. He said there should be a cord on it & advised me to attach one. He lubricated the mechanisms & said he wouldn't charge us right away, giving us time to decide if we want just to put in a whole new system. It's cheaper than I expected, but more than we can spare right now, I think.

Once the door was open, J headed off to work & I hung out with the boys. That is, until they were invited over to Jason & Mark's for the day. I drove them over & they were greeted with much joy, as if the sets of boys hadn't seen each other in weeks! I spent the day writing. I got my review polished & sent in, then worked on some other projects. The boys arrived home about 6, having eaten dinner. I spent the evening cleaning house while they played & read. When J got home about 10, we heated up leftover hamburger gravy etc for our supper. I helped her with her presentation & then we went to bed. I stayed up way too late reading the Allende book.

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