Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AC News

Well, not really yet, but we did have someone out for a second opinion yesterday. He thinks the first guy was just not interested in the job, so he made it sound like it was our fault. This guy says that the heat pump is simply old, that their usual life span is about 12 years. Ours is almost 30 years old. So, he is going to bat for us with the warranty company & with any luck, we will have air conditioning before long. It is hot & sticky here! Fingers & toes crossed on that one!

I spent much of the day doing nothing of consequence, although I did talk to Rachael & wish her a very happy birthday. She was on her way to a glam dinner out with a male friend. She sounds much happier than I've heard her sound in ages, and more at peace with herself. I think 50 is going to agree with her. She also announced that she will be staying in the DC area when her now-ex retires & moves away. I am sorry she won't be living closer, but I think if she can really get into the swing of life there, she'll be happy & it will be a great place for her to be. I also spent some time talking to Andy. He's having knee surgery tomorrow for a long-term problem. I am so glad he's finally getting something done about it. I did some writing, too.

For dinner, J grilled some sirloin burgers on the Jenn-Air. I had brie on mine, the boys chose American cheese (oh, I taught Boot how to make a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday at lunch), & J had colby-jack. With those, we had corn on the cob & broccoli. Simple & terrific food. I love summer. We had some great nectarines, too. J's dad gave each boy a bag of candy & fruit on Sunday. They each got nectarines, grapes, & apples along with the full-size candy bars. He sure loves his grandbabies.

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