Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rosemary & Brent's New Year's Eve Wedding

We got home from West Virginia with just enough time to wrap wedding gifts, get changed, & get to the wedding. It was absolutely lovely, with Rosemary's dad presiding, a reading from The Velveteen Rabbit, and their 7 month old son acting as ringbearer, with an assist from the best man. Rosemary looked gorgeous & Brent looked so handsome. Both families are happy with the match & so am I. Brent is kind & good & truly loves Rosemary for who she really is. They seem just right for each other.

The reception was very nice, too, with yummy veggie lasagna, a great face painter for the little ones (oh, and several big ones, too), a stunning tiered cake that Rosemary made herself, and a minimum of silliness. No cake-smashing, garter or bouquet tossing, drunken toasts, or chicken dancing. Just elegant harp music and people enjoying one another's company. And me practicing my sermon. LOL! J made me go out in the lobby & practice for awhile & then had me practice in the reception hall.

After the reception, several of us hung out in their suite drinking champagne & joking around until it was time to go to Yellow Springs for the ball drop. They had thoughtfully provided confetti, horns, noisemakers, glittery feathered tiaras, & top hats, which we all took maximum advantage of. As we made our way through town, trailing behind the bridal couple in their full wedding attire, people kept asking if they were really getting married. Yes, yes, they did get married tonight, yes. 2006 was rung in with much smooching & champagne & noisemaking & confetti-tossing & laughter. Then, we went home & got some rest for my big day.

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