Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Year's Day 2006

We were up bright & early & were very happy not to have drunk to excess the night before. That just doesn't interest me at all anymore. Oh, yay, I get to act idiotic & throw up, then feel atrocious in the morning! What a fun time!

My sermon, on Luke 2:22-40 and about how we need to be patient with God's time & not lose faith, was well-received. The whole service went very smoothly, even with my mentor not there to be the liturgist. He was so sick over the holidays, coughing up lungs right and left. I got a lot of compliments on both the sermon and my use of the feminine pronoun when referring to God in the benediction. I was relieved to have it over. J was bursting with pride & took me to lunch at Carrabbas (Meadowlark being closed) to celebrate. We ate so much calamari that we took most of our main courses home. LOL! We popped into Books & Co to pick up my copy of The Alphabet Versus the Goddess for book group, then went home and NAPPED!

We ran out to the grocery about 6:30 & returned an hour later to find the boys being dropped off early, instead of at 9 as planned. They were in good spirits & ran upstairs to play with their new toys while I cooked our annual New Year's Day White Dinner. I made pork chops & sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, & Hoppin' John. J & I were the only ones to eat, the boys having eaten fast food on the way home.

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