Friday, January 13, 2006

My Monster Baby

I had church history first thing yesterday & had a good time in class. I was prepared & had some definite opinions on Luther. Not only that, but I was wearing my tiara & we happened to talk about the Pope's tiara. I think my prof must surely have found it odd that I was wearing a tiara, but it felt like a tiara day & my fellow students seemed to appreciate it. Anyway, I think this is going to be a fun class.

After class, I went to the bookstore & picked up a copy of Canaan Land for that class. I might do my paper on African-Christian syncretism. I will be known among the church history profs as syncretism girl! LOL! I am very interested in Santeria and in Vodou as religions, rather than as black magic, which they aren't. They're both talked about in the book. Since I have Cuban roots and Santeria practitioners in my family, it makes sense to do my project on that. I noticed, while in the bookstore, that there is a Carlos Casteneda book assigned for one of the classes. I asked J why on earth they would be reading a Casteneda book. She said, "Because you go to a really cool seminary."

On my way to the mailroom to check for more grades (to no avail), Lisette stopped me and we got into a conversation about our teenagers' clothes preferences...and their preferences for our dress! Her daughter really wants her to look more hip, but insists that she must also look her age. My son's only requirement is that I not wear anything too low-cut or revealing. He can be very puritanical. In fact, I found out this morning that he has been asking the goth kids at school, "Why don't you believe in Christ?" I am sure he does not sound merely curious & I told him that haranguing them about religion is the surest way of driving them away from it. He says they put spells on him, which I told him was nonsense. He had described it & it's just a bunch of silly mumbo-jumbo designed to impress & frighten. Probably Swahili words they learned from their mamas, who took it in college. Oh, no, that's MY mama & MY fake spells in high school. I wonder if they did the crooked finger thing, too. Hee Hee. We used to love to play Scare the Jocks when they harrassed us.

After school, I had some ropa vieja with rice & poked around online. Then, did some work for school. J got home early, at 4:30, & we took the boys to the mall so that Boot could exchange the shoes he got for Christmas. Lisette said that her son only wants Chucks...would that it were so with Boot! The ones he liked best were $150. Keep in mind that this kid wants new shoes every couple of months, if not more often. We told him he could go up to $90 if he chips in his Christmas money from Grandpa, but he couldn't find any he liked that actually came in his size. His feet will have to get bigger. We gave Pie an advance on his allowance so that he could get a 3-disc set of Godzilla-type movies...a bargain at $8. He was ecstatic & spent the rest of the night saying "Thank you" and "I'm going to be here on this bench looking at something glorious" as he gazed at the DVD box. I said, "Are you my baby?" & he said, "Yes! I'm your monster baby!" He is so damn cute!

We took them to dinner at O'Charley's where 3 of us had steak (mine with burgundy sauce & some killer potatoes with parmesan sprinkles) & Boot had ribs. They looked yum. We had planned to hit Texas Roadhouse & I would have to have gotten ribs if we went there. When we came home, I read out loud from Jack Kornfield's After the Ecstasy, the Laundry to J as she went to sleep.

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