Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Reformed...and Still Reforming

Yesterday morning, J went in to work very early, leaving the house before 5. I got up & hung out with her while she got ready. Then, I sent her on her way with a mug of coffee and a Nutrigrain bar. I went back to bed. I very much wanted to attend the MLK Day march & rally, but had the first meeting of our Reformed Theology directed study group scheduled too close for comfort.

There are only 5 of us, so I already know everyone who's in the group...and the prof guiding it is my friend, Laura. We told a little about ourselves. It turns out that Laura and myself are the only lifelong Presbyterians in the group. We have a former Lutheran who's been Presbyterian for about 10 years (I think he said), then 2 mostly-nondenominationals and a Nazarene, who have all been Presby about 3 years. The former Nazarene is very conservative and homophobic. I find it disturbing that I, a 4th-generation Presbyterian in the same church to which my great-grandmother belonged, cannot be ordained while the Nazarene, who happened to marry into the denomination, can. I hope Brendan is wrong & things do change at the GA in June. But, I doubt it. It is an upbeat note that the Cincinnati Presbytery just sent in a delete G, but still. There is a lot of work to be done in the class, as with Hebrew and (I am sure) Greek. It would be so much easier to forego the Presbyterian requirements & just go for the UCC ordination or do something which doesn't require ordination. But, I am unwilling, at this point, to give up like that.

After the meeting, I popped into the mall to exchange some Christmas clothing gifts ( I found a really wonderful pink turtleneck and a v-neck grey sweater, as well as picking up some tights). Then, I found myself a new purse. I also got my hair cut & my brows waxed & feel 100% better without my bangs hanging in my eyes! My grandfather will appreciate it, too.

I came home & J arrived shortly after me. We took the bitties to the mall. Pie was very unhappy about this, but Boot was thrilled. He is worse than a girl when it comes to being a clothes horse. We got him a couple pairs of shorts, a couple t-shirts, and some Nikes because he "needs" new clothes for gym class. J picked up a "Drawn Together" t-shirt at Hot Topic for $5. I wish there was a Torrid at our mall. I think the clothes there are fun. Boot would be appalled. We had dinner in the food court & I bought the dinner of the guy behind me. That was fun! He was really surprised. After dinner, we planned to have some ice cream, but Haagen-Dazs was already closed. Just as well, I suppose!

Once home, I read to J & petted her to sleep, then stayed up until 12:30 reading The Goddess Vs. The Alphabet, trying to get it finished before book group this weekend. It's good, just not a breeze-through kind of book.

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