Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Opera Boy & Football Boy

Last Friday night, we considered a trip to the movies, but the whole family just wanted to stay in. The boys were playing on Pie's computer, I'd been immersed in copying down recipes, & J had had a long, hard week at work. So, we had dinner at Los Mariachis, then returned home to relax. I've been having fun poking through a cookbook Rick Bayless wrote with his daughter. I would love to get up to Chicago to eat at Topolobampo or Frontera Grill. They sound like fun. Although I bet the food at Los Mariachis is just as good. Well, maybe not the chilaquiles.

In the morning, we took Boot to spend the weekend with his grandma & grandpa. Since J's dad is not in the best of health, he needs to have one boy at a time. This also gave the boys a break from each other, which I think was sorely needed by Pie, at least. So, Boot & Grandpa batched it at Grandpa's apartment overnight & visited Grandma in the home during the day. He said it was really boring, but was glad he'd made them so happy. He thinks Pie will die of boredom if he goes. I think that might be a smidge of hyperbole, but I definitely think Pie will be bored. He plans to go anyway.

While Boot was with the grandparents, Pie hung out with us. We tuned into an opera station on the way back from Cincinnati & he LOVED it. The station was broadcasting The Met's production of something, but we couldn't discover what it was. I should try & find out online. We stopped at Jungle Jim's & Pie got EIGHT rolls of mints. Last time, it was gum, this time mints. Mints from Holland, mints from England, mints from the U.S. We got cheese (some beautiful cheddar, Boursin, & a French triple crème) & frozen dinners featuring Indian & Cuban food. We stopped at Borders & got a beginner's opera appreciation CD. Oh, and a Cats in the Sun calendar for J at work...I forgot we found that! We picked up J's Bug after its long sojourn in the body shop after the deer run-in. We had lunch at Nothing But Noodles. Pie was amused that I was able to get a salad & he chocolate cake even though it says NOTHING but Noodles. The salad was great, too, with pears & spinach & balsamic vinaigrette. I was reminded of our visit with our friends in Madison.

We went to the UCC church, where I was supposed to be the liturgist. My voice was missing, though, so J stepped in to do it for me. I am so grateful to her for all her support & love. She is the best wife anyone could ask for. After the service, we ducked out & went home. Pie played his Neopets game, which is really cool. He is hanging out in libraries with fairies in the game. J made him a big, fat cheeseburger for dinner. We got to have chicken piccata. Her version was spectacular, although with too much lemon for her. I like my piccata tangy, though, so I adored it.

In the morning, we did not go to the PCUSA church because I didn't want to carry my cold to all the old folks there. I knew Beth had coffee hour handled, so I felt okay not going. I also stayed in the car at the nursing home. J drove all the way down & all the way back...what a luxury, what heaven! I don't usually mind driving that much, but it's so nice to get to ride sometimes. We stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Pie sighed rapturously later when he spoke of his omelet & J loved her French toast. My eggs in toast were perfect, although my bacon was first too crisp & then too limp. Ah, well. Boot was all ready to talk football all the way home after we picked him up. It was a bit much, but I survived without screeching "Football sucks!!!" I also survived the Bengals-Steelers game, by diving into my Hebrew instead of watching the game. J was in her Bengals t-shirt, Boot in his Jerome Bettis Steelers jersey. Pie & I were completely uninterested. Pie played Neopets, did some rubber stamping, & tried a few science experiments. We had that horrible, but good Velveeta dip and other football game crap food for dinner. Boot was thrilled with the food, but ate so much crap that his tummy was all messed up for the rest of the night.

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