Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lazy Days, Work Days

Friday night, after we saw the boys off, we went to the local Regal cinemas to see Brokeback Mountain. The movie was very good & was possibly the saddest movie I've ever seen. Take tissues! I had to restrain myself from wailing loudly in the theater & couldn't pull myself together enough to leave until the credits had rolled & the ushers were giving me the eye. I cried all the way to the Indian restaurant, but was cheered by the crunch of pappadam and the savory goodness of chicken tikka masala. It wasn't our usual Indian place, but it was near the theater & not bad at all.

We spent nearly all of Saturday in bed, reading, watching silly things on t.v., and just enjoying one another's company. I fixed a tray of cheese and fruit for our brunch & we ate in bed, too. Finally, after several hours of lolling about, we roused ourselves, got showers, & headed to church. We had a pulpit exchange, the kick-off of the UCC church's partnership with a predominently African-American congregation in the Presbyterian church. The sermon was good & I am looking forward to getting to know the other congregation more. J & I want to attend their worship services some time. The UCC pastor preached at the Presby church on Sunday, but we were at work.

After the service, we were both starving. We stopped by The Paragon Club, but were not in "proper attire", nor did we relish the idea of paying almost $40 for a steak. That's just silly. So, I talked J into going to El Meson. She always thinks she doesn't like it that much there & then she loves it once I get her there. She had said, "Well, El Meson's just expensive Mexican food." But, it's Latin, not strictly Mexican. And it's not really all that expensive. I love it there. We had some platanos rellenos (with beef filling) and some arepas with chorizo for our tapas, then split the very yummy arroz con pollo. They make it with boneless, skinless chicken breasts, so it's a lot easier to eat than the traditional bony kind. For dessert, I had flan (next time, I want the dulce de leche con moros) & J had dulce de leche cheesecake. We sipped wonderful café ollos & chatted. We were seated out in the patio, walls rolled down & heaters on for the winter. The heaters made me think of restaurants in Monterey & Carmel. J had never been out there. Very enjoyable! After dinner, one of the owners (who happens to belong to the UCC church) stopped by our table to chat. It sounds like they have some great dishes planned for the new menu. This might sound crazy, but there was a young woman there who was dressed like God has been dressed when She's appeared to me in meditations lately. It was fun to see her outfit.

Sunday morning, I went in to the plant with J. I took all my church history and Hebrew work...and got a lot done! On the way in, we stopped at The Emporium for croissants since Current wasn't open yet & at Dino's for coffees. I wish Dino worked weekends since his coffee is invariably better than anyone else's. We stayed at work until just before the boys were due home. Then, we invited them to come with us to dinner and were refused. We hit the local Italian place. It's so middle America. The spaghetti reminds me of something someone's non-Italian mom would have made for me when I was a kid in the 70s. Kinda bland, kinda watery sauce and "al dente" would mean not one thing to the cook. But, it was fine for our mood that night.

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