Tuesday, January 10, 2006

From the Orthodontist to the Sofa

Yesterday started earlier for me than days usually do, with Boot having a 7 a.m. orthodontist appointment half an hour from home. Since I had finished my Hebrew the night before, I was free to read for book group. The Alphabet Versus the Goddess is interesting, even if I'm not so sure I agree with Shlain's premise that it was the use of written language that drove the Goddess underground & the patriarchy into power. Boot got his braces off...his teeth look good, but it's weird to see him without braces! It's been awhile. Now, the retainer phase. He'd better wear that thing! As we were walking up to the school, he made me feel his teeth. He is excited to have the braces off, but I think it feels weird to him, too. He got a camo retainer. God help us. You know, someday, he is going to have a communist, feminist, goth daughter who gets arrested protesting at the SOA. She is going to listen to Tribe 8 & Sleater-Kinney. She will be a Dianic Wiccan and join the Peace Corps. As an adult, she will be arrested for throwing blood on fur coats or missile silos.

Once home, I paid bills, studied, fun things like that. Lunch was frozen chicken biryani & a Harry & David pear, before I headed off to Hebrew to totally blow the first quiz. At least I had a nice thermos of Yellow & Blue tea. After class, I hung out eating Smart Ones enchiladas & talking to a fellow student about drumming. He played Bill Cosby's "Noah" for me. I had never heard it & it's really funny. Laura came down the hall & heard it, then said, "Who's watching Bill Cosby?" She joined us for the rest of it. I popped into the library to look at the Renaissance piece by an unknown artist about Luther & the Pope my church history prof assigned us to check out for Thursday. There's a lot going on in it & it was fun to see.

After school, I went to the annual visioning meeting for the Justice & Witness Ministry at the UCC. We saw a video about the Presbyterian school clinic at Rubate that our regional UCC is helping to build in Kenya. It was really interesting & the little kids in the video were just gorgeous, with big smiles & dancing eyes. We talked about Justice & Witness project possibilities for the coming year. It's nice to be part of a church where this is important. I wish my Presbyterian church were more progressive. But, it will come. It will come. As Brendan says, "You have to be pastoral before you can be prophetic." I'm seriously considering asking him if I can intern with him next year. Yes, I am learning from my mentor & I find the church freeing, but I need to get some practice in with a not-so-progressive church. The UCC I'm serving is about as progressive as I can imagine a Christian church being. If I don't work with Brendan next year, I want to work with the AIDS Resource Council.

When I got home, the kiddos were tucked in bed & J was hard at work finishing her reviews. She has to give them this week, so there was a definite time pressure! I watched CSI, then Cowboy U, then Emeril before falling asleep on the couch. It was kind of fun to be brainless for the evening. J woke me up to go to bed at 2.

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