Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tea Rooms & Bike Rides

After an interesting discussion of trinity theory & non-gender-specific language at Bible study, my grandies & I met J for lunch. We sat outside at Teaberries. I was worried that they would be annoyed at driving all the way there for food they didn't like. Luckily, they liked it. I think they liked getting to have lunch with J even more, though. She & my grandmom had the luscious cream cheese & olive sandwiches, my favorite thing on the menu. My granddad had cream of chicken soup & half a ham sandwich, while I did the same with half a chicken salad croissant. Their chicken salad is different from any I've ever had...with a touch of horseradish! I loved it. I was very good & did not order the red velvet cake, although I was ever so tempted. We sat at a table outside, the same one we shared with A&K last week. It's so pretty there. As we walked in, my grandmom told me that my granddad's aunt V read tea leaves in a tea room. That was her occupation! I love it! They never went because my granddad's mom never wanted to go. Disapproved, I imagine. My granddad says he missed out on knowing his future. LOL!

On the way home, we stopped at Young's for ice cream. Well, my granddad had ice cream, butter toffee, but I had chocolate gelato & my grandmom had peach sorbet. We sat outside, with the smell of bacon wafting through the air. It was nice to spend a little extra time with them.

I spent the afternoon researching scholarship possibilities. I was unloading the dishwasher when J came home. I had just put on water to boil, for the corn. But, J wanted to ride our bikes to Nick's for dinner. Man, oh, man was it good, but I am practically bereft of Flex Points for the rest of the week...and we are going to the local Catholic church's festival this weekend. Oh, well. Boot wanted hot wings, so we all shared them as an appetizer (although he ate the lion's share...that is a wing boy for sure!). I had a gyro while J had blackened prime rib & the boys had big ol' burgers. Pie kept asking for another burger, but we told him eating 2 cheeseburgers for dinner is not a healthy thing. He is burger mad! He would cheerfully eat 2 Big Macs if we'd let him.

On the way home, we stopped to smell the sweetly-scented purple phlox along the bike path. We rode around a nearby neighborhood before going home...saw all kinds of neat landscaping ideas (& houses J loved). We passed one huge lilac bush & the smell from it was simply divine!!! The owner was out front, so we thanked her for the lilacs. I just love them! We saw some rhododendrons in bloom, gorgeous. There was one house with scads of hostas & there were some lovely hibiscus & clematis plants, too. I love this time of year & I really love having a bike!

Once home, J spent time listening to her Nevada Barr book while the boys settled in. I spent some time online, then on the phone with A. I haven't talked to her in ages & it was wonderful to hear her voice! Her daughter, M, is doing well...growing like mad, I guess. She may come to book group Sunday. I hope so!!! She is planning to do a girly night sometime this summer. That would be good. She told me all about her clay work & the baby, I told her all about seminary & my writing work. I love having creative friends.

After we got off the phone, I climbed into bed next to J & spent time clipping the coupons that have piled up in the past few weeks. If I remember to use them, I will save a bunch! Then, I snuggled in & read some of the Hip Mama book. I should subscribe to the 'zine.

Speaking of mamas, the news from L is that E & B's son, T, has arrived. B had to have a c-section, but is doing okay now, as is the baby. His big brother thinks babies are silly to just come whenever instead of on the due date. He also insisted that the baby be read a story right away...he is such a cool little kid. L also went to visit her daughter, L, who had her baby a couple weeks before his cousin was born. L says he has beautiful blueberry-colored eyes. All these babies!

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