Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Deck Bedecked

...and other things. As I said, I spent the early part of the morning reading Blackbird House & was nearly late for Bible study. It was an interesting one. The Pentecost story and a discussion about speaking in tongues & about how we can tell the Holy Spirit is present when we are not speakers in tongues, holy rollers, snake handlers. I don't think there are many of us who believe that those people are necessarily doing those things because the Holy Spirit is within them. Maybe some are, but it seems more likely that they are trying to show how holy they are, like the Pharisees. But, I do believe strange things can happen. I honestly feel the HS more often outside of church than in, but there have been times. The time the angel played West African drums & I cried, the time both my mom & I smelled roses (B informed me, though I was already well-aware, that the scent of roses has long been said to be a manifestation of Mary). But times seeing the toenail moon or standing in a whirl of maple helicopters or touching my wife's skin have felt as holy, if not more so.

After Bible study, I went to The Bob with the grands. I treasure my time spent with them. Yesterday, we decided that next Fall, we'll have to come up with another day each week to have lunch since I'll be busy on Wednesdays. R, their longtime neighbor whose cornfields I used to play in as a child, came and sat with us for awhile after he finished his lunch at the counter. I wonder if he's lonely now that his wife is gone. He just seems so steady & kind always. I love to look at his ears. They are highly unusual, very long with thick, thick lobes. He talked mechanics with my granddad yesterday. He speaks so softly that even I have a hard time hearing him. I smile a lot & respond when called for, but mostly I just like him being around. I feel him watching me sometimes & wonder if he is thinking of when I was a little girl, or of my mom as a girl, or maybe of his own grandkids. I am glad there are people like him populating my childhood landscape.

My granddad looked at our lawnmower after lunch, checking it with the volt meter he carries in the car. I find him amazing...he always seems to have the right tool for whatever needs to be done & he always knows how to do it. I really admire him & my grandmom, both. He declared the problem to be a weak battery & plans to bring a charger with him next time he comes by. He is so kind. I am glad we can go out & cook for them sometimes. It makes me feel as though I am repaying, even if just a tiny bit, all their kindness to me & to the world.

Once they had gone, I went to pick up our Persian's registration stuff from the pet store. Then, I hurried back to my children, getting home about 10 minutes before them. There was an ambulance & a police car at the school earlier. I was so scared and couldn't believe I was so scared. I called the office, sick to my stomach. Luckily, it wasn't my babies. Unluckily, it was someone's baby. I have been praying that all will be well. Pie told me that what he heard is that the girl had heart problems, that she was his classmate's buddy last year (which makes her even younger than him). I cannot imagine how scary this is for her parents.

I got the chicken burritos Boot had requested all ready to pop in the oven, in anticipation of having an early dinner then going to see Paper Clips. Unfortunately, J worked a 13 hour day & didn't make it home in time for the movie. The boys were so relieved that Boot hugged me. He is so funny. Sometimes he is simply overcome & has to fling his arms around me despite his pre-teen aversion to physical affection. The good part was that I already had the burritos all wrapped in their foil jackets & ready when J got home. My dear wife had not stopped to eat lunch in all that time, so having dinner done was a blessing. The burritos turned out to be really tasty. Pie didn't like his, but that's the "all foods must be plain" thing. Boot said they are much better than the ones at Taco Bell. He had said before that he was sure they'd be much better. I was worried, not even having tried one at Taco Bell & not knowing what his expectation was. After all, this is the boy who prefers McDonald's to The Winds. Apparently, I exceeded it. He suggested that I add a little rice next time, but not a ton. Otherwise, he was pleased.

J was exhausted, so I left her on the couch watching Nova, letting all the quantum physics wash over her. I tidied the kitchen & took out the spirit plate. A storm was coming in. I saw Chango's lightning flare in the distance, over the school field. I felt oddly comforted by that. The wind had picked up & the maple helicopters were whirling their way down all around me in droves. The streams of them seemed never-ending. I wonder how many an average tree drops each spring. It was a magical feeling to be standing there in the midst of all that.

Knowing the storm was coming, J & I went & brought the hammock in, as well as the chair cushions. I had spent time in the afternoon putting them out for the first time this season. It was hot & blue yesterday. I even let myself lie in the hammock for a minute, listening to the birdsong & looking at the green, before going inside to change the sheets. After they were safely piled in our bedroom, we retired to the couch where the string theory talk continued. I copied down some Paula Deen recipes (Georgia Cracker Salad...gotta love it!) while J watched the show.

We went to bed about the same time as the boys. I petted J & read to her from The Mermaid Chair (which is wonderful so far). Once she fell asleep, I listened to the wind & rain & counted myself very blessed to have such a life.

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