Thursday, May 26, 2005

Gyro Lunch & Pizza Dinner

Bible study this morning was about the end of the Sermon on the Mount & I was amazed at how many of the folks there were missing Brendan's point. Ah, well. My granddad had a doctor appointment right afterward, so I took the opportunity to deliver the notice to vacate to our tenants. I thought much of the way there, to the point of having to "rewind" the Pagels CD over & over, about the situation. I feel bad, knowing they have no money & no promise of it anytime soon. They may have a very hard time securing another place, certainly will have a hard time securing one as nice as our rental. But, we simply cannot continue with the way things have been, either. Their lack of responsibility is threatening our ability to be responsible, so it must end. Still, I kept thinking of the part in the Lord's prayer where it says "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors". Yes, that Sermon is hard as heck to follow. I am still so pleased that Lilith wrote that I live by it. I try, most of it, at least.

I had lunch with J first, fortifying myself for the task ahead. She suggested that I stop at Current & pick up lunch, so I did just that. As I pulled into a space right in front, as luck would have it, of the store, I saw a woman in full hijab. In her left arm was a small, adorable girl. I thought it must surely be Yvonne & when I saw her famous brother across the street, I knew it was. We were such good friends in high school & she is very much the same, from what I have experienced of her grown-woman self, despite the veil. We spoke in the store. She is attending the writer's workshop this year & told me about that. I told her about my seminary plans, my own writing, the book group (which she wants to attend). Darrin came to fetch her & we parted, with her saying "We'll talk". I hope so. I miss her presence & I want J to get to know her.

After I hit Dino's, I went to the plant & fed my wife gyros & baklava. Then I drove, full of trepidation, to deliver my little bomb. I walked up & Brenda came to the door. I said, "I need to give this to you" & all she said was, "Okay, honey." I pray that they'll be able to get it together & to find someplace decent to live. I also pray we get the money they owe us soon...and sell the house quickly & for a good price. Guess I better get to statue burying.

I stopped at the grocery on the way home & spent time making sure the kitchen was very clean when J got home. I emptied every trashcan, as well. I also tried to paint around the switchplates, but did not discover until after I removed them that the paint had congealed beyond repair. I'll pick up a small can later in the week. It will be good to get that done. I also moved the extra pillows that have been stored in the study into the linen closet. Tomorrow, if I have time after volunteering at Field Day, I will work on the clothes for storage. This has been their temporary storage place for too long & I think I have just the box in the garage. J was happy with the way the house looked & smelled (I burned Yankee candles, vanilla & pumpkin), so that was good.

We had dinner at Ha-Ha's. Under new management, it is much the same as it was under old management. That is to say, "WHEW!" The salad bar still features tabouleh, tofu, and black beans. The artichoke hearts, bananas, and smoked oysters are still available for the pizza. The subs & calzones remain just the same. Thank God!!! Pie was a bit disgruntled with the turkey sausage on his pizza & he didn't like his cream soda, but Boot seemed perfectly happy with his meal. He even got the salad bar...what the hell? J was suspicious that I would order something as peculiar as sour cream (along with artichoke hearts, fresh garlic,onions, and extra cheese) on pizza, but was in ecstasy from the moment it hit her mouth. She is taking what's left for lunch tomorrow. My lunch will be at the school, with Roxanne & Mrs. P & Kitty & all those folks. I like hanging out with the teachers. I guess it kind of makes me feel like a bona fide grown up.

Once home, I read Ruth Reichl reviews to J until she fell asleep. Based on Ruth's review, J very much wants to dine at L'Espinasse. If we went to NY, we could stay with Kerry & Rebekkah in Connecticut. And we could see Faith and Melodie. What fun! But, I am more interested in Artisanal & Picholine. And all the ethnic places!!!

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