Monday, May 16, 2005

Last Thursday & Friday

Thursday, I didn't do much of interest during the day, but we did have a great time making dinner for my grands. We took all the fixings for beef stroganoff over. J fixed that while I was in charge of the noodles and peas. I also baked some chocolate chip cookies, but I was having such a good time visiting that I completely forgot about them. They were not burned, but were quite crispy & therefore no temptation to me! My grandmom likes them best that way.

While we were there, we got to see (smell!) the lilies of the valley that bloom beneath her hostas by the kitchen windows. There was also a fuchsia from my aunt A, her traditional Moms' Day gift to my grandmom, and a bouquet from my uncle T & his wife, M. The irises at the end of the driveway are blooming, too. It was a good day for flowers. I also got to see some old cards from my mom & aunt A. I hope A will start doing more art again...she really has talent.

I had a gallopy kind of Friday. I went to the women's group at church, the last regular meeting of the season. The speaker for the day is a guy my grandmom has gone to a lot of Order of St. Luke things with. I enjoyed hearing what I could of his talk, but had to leave early to grab lunch with J & our friends A & K. J works with A & we have really enjoyed their company on a number of occasions. However, I had never met their baby, who was born last July. They are about to go to Hawaii to scatter her mom's ashes, so I didn't want to miss the chance to have lunch before they left for the trip.

When we got to the restaurant, a little tearoom off of a gift shop not far from the plant, K said she had a gift for us & presented us with a basket of yellow pansies, tied with a pretty pastel plaid ribbon. Isn't that sweet? She said it was a Happy Spring gift. I am going to plant them in the bed by the back porch. Their brightness is welcome on grey days like today!

We were able to sit out on the brick patio for lunch. J & A kept checking their watches, since they had a meeting in an hour. The baby is absolutely adorable & he is so very good. He has his mama's bright eyes & his dad's laidback disposition. J & A spent most of lunch watching the baby while K & I jabbered on & on, catching up with each other's news. A had one of their yummy Reubens, K had chicken cashew salad, J & I had olive & cream cheese sandwiches. Since A & J were so anxious about getting back, K suggested that they go in one car & we come along when we were ready. That had been in my mind, too, and I was glad when they agreed.

K & I split a piece of cherry pie à la mode, then poked around the gift shop. She kept exclaiming over the quilts, the furniture, the low prices. We had a grand time & I got to hold baby J most of the time, which was really fun! I played tickle with him & he let out the most wonderful peals of giggling! K & I decided that we would make sure to schedule a time for us to get together again, whether to have dinner out, shop at Easton, or eat at one of our homes. She also wants me to come to a spa with her, for massages & facials. J told me to go ahead, but that seems awfully self-indulgent. I would be fine with it if J was going, too. Maybe for my birthday...

Once the boys got home from school, we ran some errands, then I worked on the Sunday School lesson. After the boys left with their father, we tried to go to The Winds for dinner. No tables would be open until 8:30, so we decided to drive over to Meadowlark instead. What a good choice that was! More on that in my weekend report!

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