Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day & Pretty in Pink

Friday night, we took the kids out to dinner at Carrabba's Italian Grill. J had the sirloin marsala with fettuccine alfredo & broccoli, I had the spiedino di mare (scallops & shrimp coated with Italian breadcrumbs & drizzled with lemon butter...spectacular!) with a salad & cavatappi, Boot had a kids' cheese pizza, & Pie had a steak with buttered spaghetti & broccoli. Funny how that kid loves broccoli & asparagus & things like that.
After dinner, we stopped at the grocery & waited in the car while the boys went in & shopped for our top secret, hush hush Mom's Day dinner. When we got home, they shooed us upstairs so they could set the table. We weren't allowed down again until they called us in the morning. One boy copied down my directions for frying an egg "with the oke" & that was all the direction they wanted.
In the morning, we went down to a beautifully-set table with Vivaldi playing on Pie's boom box. We each had a perfectly-cooked (if a bit cold) egg, wheat toast, bacon, and melon. To drink, we had coconut-honeydew-cantaloupe smoothies & white zin they found in the basement. LOL! They also provided a Starbucks Double Shot in a can for J's caffeine-fix.
After our special breakfast, I went to set up for the Mother's Day Banquet at church while J took the boys to the grocery. Then, I came home & finished polishing the script.
We took the boys shopping for, among other things, Mother's Day gifts & a tiny pink hula skirt. Once home, J started cooking for coffee hour on Sunday while I put together the last fashion for the evening's show.
I went over early to make sure everything was rolling smoothly for the banquet. The boys were servers, with white dress shirts & pink bow ties. J & I were joined by my grandmom & my second grandma. The men made ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, & salads for the dinner, along with cherry pie & pink lemonade.
The theme was "Pretty in Pink" & we had decided to do a pink fashion show with a twist. I emceed in a hot pink top, pink cowgirl hat, & pink feather boa. The show started out very straightforward, with a little girl in a pink poodle skirt. But, we quickly moved on to gag fashions (a tank top with toy army tanks on the shoulders, "bell" bottoms that were pink capris with bells sewed on the butt, a 10-gallon hat made of empty gallon jugs, a hula hoop skirt made of 3 held together with ribbon, etc). People laughed & laughed! The grand finale was a poodle skirt, a miniature poodle in the tiny pink hula skirt, led by the little girl in the real poodle skirt.
We helped clean up, then went home & cooked some more. Then, we headed to the after-party for the banquet subcommittee. It was cosmopolitans & a lot of laughter on the back patio of one couple's house. Then, more cooking back home.
In the morning, we went to church & hosted a Cinco de Mayo themed coffee hour, with sloppy Jos├ęs, bean dip, tortilla chips, all kinds of nacho toppings, chimichurri with bread, Mexican cookies, & orange slice candies. We visited with my grands for awhile afterward, then went home & NAPPED!
After our nap, we opened Mother's Day gifts from the boys. They got J a bracelet in amber tones & a sweet little book about moms with all kinds of pictures of animals. They got me a peridot & marcasite necklace, a box of Lindor truffles, & a box of chocolate-covered pretzels.
Then, we hit the road to Cincinnati to see J's mom. We stopped for burgers at Sonic on the way. Our visit was nice...we gave her framed pics of the boys & of all 4 of us. J's dad had goody bags for the boys & they chowed down on apples in the car on the way home.

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