Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Astoundingly Lazy Day

Yesterday, I spent much of the day in bed, immersed in The Lovely Bones. I read the whole thing within 24 hours, thought it was great, & now want to read Lucky. However, what I am reading is Blackbird House by Alice really enjoying that, too. Almost made myself late for Bible study this morning.

When I wasn't saturated with words, I was cleaning house & trying to get the mats out of our Persian's coat. He was none too pleased with that, let me tell you! But, I made some headway & only got minimal scratching. He adored the cable guy, placing his hind paws on the guy's thighs (he was kneeling in front of the t.v.) & his front paws on the guy's chest...and purring so very loudly that I could hear him from the kitchen table!

Since the boys were at B's house, J was able to hit the grocery with me. Then, I fixed a broccoli & sausage pizza (the fennel seeds were a wonderful touch) for our supper. It went great with Dole's garlic Caesar salad & Cameo apple slices. Pie had some popcorn & some pizza to supplement the hot dog dinner he had at B's. Boot was full & chose to do his reading time instead. We allowed Pie to watch part of Clash of the Titans before bedtime. He is so interested in Greek mythology, just like his mama.

After we got dinner cleaned up & took the spirit plate out (and saw a gorgeous toenail moon), we hopped in bed to sink into our respective books. A lovely night altogether.

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