Friday, May 27, 2005

Field Day

Much as I had been dreading being in charge of the 250 meter run, it turned out to be fun! I enjoyed the company of the mom I was assigned to work with, I managed to figure out the stopwatch without looking like a dummy, and I used the system I had developed last year so that it ran like a well-oiled machine. Plus, it was fun to see the boys & their friends, to be outside on a gorgeous day, and to be of assistance.

From the other mom I worked with, I found out that the problem with the church in the town where I grew up has to do with a former minister. Apparently, one of the lesbian couples who belonged to the church wanted to get married, by the pastor, in the church. Now, with as liberal as this town is, I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem. The pastor was amenable, but it all blew up in their faces. People were furious, the church split over it. Personally, I think the Presbyterian sanction against gay unions is dumb. I know that there are intelligent & godly people on both sides of the debate, but I really think it's dumb that there even is a debate. May it end, in our favor, soon. So, a bunch of people left the church, the pastor was forced out, and now they have a woman minister who is dull as dishwater, if very nice. Harrumph. I wonder what would happen if Brendan decided to do a blessing ceremony for us. Of course, we've already had one non-legal wedding, so it makes sense to wait until it will be legal to do it again. I wonder if the Church or the State will bend first. Probably the Church, with the way the State has been going.

The lunch for the volunteers was another highlight of Field Day. Perversely, for a food critic, I am a big fan of the carry-in meal. This one is fun because there are always foods I would never otherwise see, much less eat. My favorite is the pretzel salad. Why the hell is that so good??? It's against my usual principles. Jell-o does not belong with anything white. Pretzels & strawberries should not be in the same dish. Food shouldn't really look like glop. But, I have had pretzel salad exactly twice & have adored it both times. The last time, by the way, was at the very same lunch, a year ago. I also discovered another dessert that is against my usual principles, but which was tasty. It resembled banana pudding, but had strawberries rather than bananas and pound cake chunks instead of Nilla wafers. I must be crazy. The Ramen salad was kinda good, too. I am crazy!

We finished early, so I came home & did some reading. When J got home, we went out to my grands' and cooked for them. J made chicken cordon bleu (she found it a bit dry, but I thought it was fine...although I might have used more cheese so it would ooze lushly from the chicken. I'm not sure "ooze" is a good word to use in reference to food, though), egg noodles, and a big Caesar salad. I steamed some broccoli. My grandmom made real strawberry shortcake, with the good biscuit shortcakes. Pie had created a house out of marshmallows & toothpicks, garnished with chocolate pieces. It was so sweet. I love his artistic sensibility. He wants to make dessert every week for the dinners at their place. I told him we'd go week by week. I plan to allow him to choose something from his cookbooks & help him make it.

Today has been an e-mail & housework day. I think I'm going to start making some art cards & things like that for sale on ebay. The whole ebay thing makes me nervous, but Faith insists it's easy to do & anything will sell. We shall see. If I can make a little spare cash that way, it would help. My anxiety about money is at a high, what with the tenants moving out and the house going up for sale. God, I pray it sells quickly!

J has something special planned for this weekend. I wonder what.

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