Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lunch at the Mill

Yesterday morning, I helped in the church office...very light duty, with only 2 calls & 2 stop-ins & no B to talk food & theology with. I rode my bike back home & waited for R to pick me up for one of our Monday lunches. He was amenable to eating at Clifton Mill, so we headed out there. We got a table right by the windows & were able to watch the water. There were 2 Canadian geese out there with 2 goslings, swimming upstream, trying to make it past the white water where the mill water enters the stream. I felt awful for them, but I guess they could just have gone the other way. There they were, saddled with non-flying babies, trying to get where they wanted to be & not being able to just use those magnificent wings of theirs.

Lunch was not that hot. R's reuben was fine, but my spinach squares were dull as dishwater & the carrot sticks were dried out & the peach pie they brought out was revolting. The crust didn't even seem to have been baked at all. It was all white & gooey & pasty & just disgusting. SHUDDER! I so very much want to give them a good review, but I don't think I can for lunch. Now, breakfast is another matter. Good thing they serve it all day!

After lunch, R walked around the yard with me to look at the plants. We have a couple blooms on the lilac bush (to my surprise) & R thinks the dogwood is going to bloom just fine, too. He says that since it's just starting to leaf out now, it will bloom soon. He took a look at the hydrangea bush & is of the opinion that we should have some blooms from it in June. I hope so. I love hydrangeas, especially the blues. He says I should put acid on it in the fall. When we can get legally married, I want hydrangeas.

After he left, I came upstairs & wrote the script for the Mother's Day Banquet fashion show. I think it will be fun! Now, if we can just get the models for it! Once the script was done, I spent some time cleaning the bedroom & laundry room as I looked for library books. I am missing one book & one cd. Ugh. I forgot to use my system for not losing them. But, they'll turn up, so I will hang onto the receipt & get my money back when they do.

I made another good dinner last night, my Oklahoma friend B's spaghetti pie, big salads, and garlic bread. Pie was grumpy because his brother was working on his science project & wouldn't play with him outside. I was busy with dinner & J was too cold to go out in the frigid twilight. She offered to play inside with him, but he went in the yard by himself & pouted, trying to play wiffle ball all by himself. I do remember when I was never too cold to play outside, so I feel for him. He just doesn't get that our bodies change as we get older & we can't just run around in the chill like we used to.

After dinner, we helped Boot finish his project & listened to him present it. I hope he practices more before he has to present for class. After they went to bed, we watched CSI & went to sleep ourselves.

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