Thursday, August 25, 2005

What I'm Eating In September

1-Lemon-pepper pasta & chicken, salad, bread
2-Fondue, bread, veggies, fruit, white wine sangria
3-J's choice
4-Golden pork chops, corn on the cob, baked pears, biscuits with cinnamon butter
5-Moons Over My Hammy, hash browns, fruit salad
6-Zucchini frittata, asparagus, salad
7-Pulled pork, white beans, fried okra, cinnamon apples
8-Crispy chicken, 4-cheese pasta, peas, plum tart with lemon curd
9-Cabbage soup, good bread, fruit
10-J's choice
11-Steak with Merlot sauce, chèvre mashed potatoes, broccoli
12-Spicy Thai chicken, peanut noodles, sugar snaps in lemon butter, salad
13-Pizza Lorina, salad, fruit
14-Bacon cheeseburgers, cucumber & dill pasta salad, green salad
15-Grilled shrimp with prosciutto, pecan vegetable pilau, mandarin spinach salad, gypsy tart
16-Chancho a la Chileña, rice, avocado salad
17-J's choice
18-Uppity Book Women food (Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons)
19-Farmer's breakfast, Caribbean broiled grapefruit, biscuits with orange butter
20-Italian sausage soup, rolls, salad, citrus lemonade
21-Turkey bacon melts on soudough, chips with chive dip, salad
22-Lemon pecan chicken, mashed potatoes, acorn squash, fruit brûlée
23-Margarita pork kebabs, potato skins, veggie kebabs, cappuccino chunk cookes
24-J's choice
25-Chicken fritters, fried taters, cauliflower, chess pie
26-Mexi meatballs with creamy avoacado sauce, rice, salad, fruit
27-Tomato, basil, & broccoli chicken, veggies & dill dip, jicama watermelon sparkler
28-Roast chicken, scallion-sesame potato cakes, green beans
29-Lentil soup, crusty bread, salad
30-Anniversary dinner out


Salinas blogger said...

What time is dinner? What can I bring??

Daria de la Luna said...

Ah, if only we could teleport! I'd love to eat at your café!