Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Around the House Day

My Monday was relatively boring & probably not worth writing about. I saw J off to work at 5:30, then slept for a couple more hours. I awoke still feeling exhausted from the previous week. I went to the plant & picked up food for the funeral meal at church. I delivered it & chatted with Betty for a bit. Then, I went home & had a nap.

I felt no more refreshed when I awoke, but was on deadline, so got up. I wrote my review & spent the rest of the day paying bills, dealing with the crazy situation with Boot & his father, and cleaning house. When J arrived home, she brought me a lovely rose. She had some work to do, so I kept cleaning. When she finished her work, we headed for dinner at the fair. The boys' father had told J that he "has someone else looking into this matter", so we cracked ourselves up coming up with absurd scenarios we could create to mess with the P.I. Funny, I never imagined myself so important that I would have my very own P.I. trailing me, yet it's happened at least once in the past 4 years. Their poor, silly father, wasting his money trailing us. Work, Bible study, dinners out, errands, visits with family & friends. Very incriminating & scandalous, our lives.

At the fair, we saw a "professional rodeo cowboy", as his shirt proclaimed, limping across the parking lot. We burst into gales of laughter at the idea of concocting a secret affair I'm having with a cowboy. Unfortunately, the fair was $6 to get in, even at 8:30 p.m. So, we had dinner at Tim Horton's instead...and got scads of doughnuts for her to take to work. Oh, and a few for us. We snugged down in bed with milk & doughnuts once we got home.

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