Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Mary, of one of my favorite blogs (www.explosive.net/shade-n-froyduh), tagged me for a meme asking me to name 5 idiosyncrasies. Like Mary, I could list scads. Here are the five I've chosen:

1. I walk about the house closing cabinet & closet doors, as well as drawers, after everyone. It drives me crazy when they are left standing wide open. Even simply ajar is too open for me. My wife, on the other hand, almost always just leaves the door standing wide open after pulling out a glass. She is better with drawers, however. I also like to have the entertainment center doors open flush with the cabinet, rather than only partially open, while we are watching t.v.

2. I love the time 11:11 & always make a wish if I happen to notice the clock on that time. I will also wish on 10:10, 12:12, 9:09, etc. But, 11:11 is the best.

3. There is a series of farms on a nearby road. One farm has a German Shepherd, a duck on the pond, and pigs. I always look for these animals. If I spot all of them, I feel like it's good luck. Two other farms have cows & horses. If I don't spot ANY animals out on a given day, I am extra cautious. Crazy, perhaps, but I did get inspired to write a children's book about the farm.

4. Every night before I go to sleep, I write down 10 things I am grateful for that day. I think it brings more good things to me when I appreciate the good things I have. Also, if I can't find at least 10 things to be grateful for each day, I am being an unappreciative sod. If I were God, I would be annoyed with me. I find that I am in better spirits when I do this practice. I have been doing it almost 10 years & find that I am much more happy & content than I was. Of course, that's not the only reason, but it really helps my attitude.

5. I frequently wear my tiara or a feather boa about. I mean, to places like the grocery store or library. I find it improves my mood & makes people smile.

Okay, who shall I tag? How about...
1. Andi
2. Laura
3. Wendy
4. Rae
5. Estelle


Andi said...

I'm responding here because I don't really have anyone to tag.

1.) I encouraged K. to keep the remains of his pet turtle after he died, and even gave him instructions on how best to clean them (we had an ant hill in the back yard and I told him to place the body ontop of the ant hill... the ants took care of the rest) but it creeps me out a bit to see the turtle's skull staring at me every time I go into the kitchen.

2.) I used to love to cook but hate cooking in our kitchen so I don't do it anymore.

3.) I'm actually quite shy and uncomfortable in public situations but have chosen a profession which requires that I market myself as much as what I make.

4.) I consider it bad luck when two people who are walking together are separated by an obstacle. When it happens to K. and I, I make him kiss me to counteract the bad luck. I sometimes think that he looks for obstacles just for that reason.

5.) I love what I do for a living but wish that I didn't have to make a living at it.

Daria de la Luna said...

I have the pole splitting superstition, too. Except, I pick a fake argument & make the other person engage with me briefly because my belief is that it means the two will get in an argument. J is mostly oblivious to poles.

I didn't know y'all's turtle died...I'm sorry to hear that. My mom & G gave us a turtle shell they found in the woods (back when Myrtle was still alive) and Pie was horrified! He told us to make sure Myrtle didn't see it or she'd think we were turtle murderers. LOL!

You can come & play in my kitchen, you know.