Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good Food & Gallbladders

Friday afternoon, I took my aunt Jeanie, cousin Leah, and her friend, Carey to The Winds for lunch. The grown folks had Tuscan bread salad while the teens ordered organic sandwiches, grilled. Carey had never been there & rated it "Awesome!". We splurged on dessert. I had cherry pie, Jeanie had their incomparable chocolate mousse (made with Scharffen Berger & Kahlua), Leah had Jeni's strawberry buttermilk ice cream, and Carey had cheesecake. I had never tried their cheesecake & I have been missing out big-time! Wow, it's the best I've ever had & I was jealous of his dessert all afternoon.

After lunch, we went poking about town. The teens looked at Manga books, Jeanie got herself some lovely earrings, & I petted kitties. Then, they dropped me off so I could bake a chocolate nemesis cake for Jeanie, Leah, & my baby uncle's summer birthdays. Jeanie told me that her birthday cake this year was so bad that she took a couple bites when she first woke up (her birthday tradition is that she's allowed cake for breakfast) & threw the rest away. So, I wanted to make up for that.

In the evening, we met back up at BW3 for trivia & wings. We had a grand time. Jeanie & I each won a round of trivia, with J helping us. After we finished, they came back to the house for cake. I whipped some cream & fanned out some strawberries on top of the servings. Jeanie declared it the best chocolate cake she's ever had. I hate to be immodest, but it's the best I've ever had, too. My baby uncle ended up having to work, so he didn't make it down.

Saturday, J & I went in to the plant for awhile so she could get some work done. Then, we got a bite to eat at Red Robin (J ordered chili cheese fries & a burger with avocado, 2 kinds of cheese, and jalapenos on it...this becomes important later) & did some shopping. J started to feel unwell, so we started for home. On our windshield was a note that our tire needed air. Sure enough! J was so impressed that I actually know how to air up the tires. She hasn't a clue how. I felt so butch. LOL! Then, we went right home. By the time we got in, she was miserable, pacing & groaning. It was obviously another gallbladder attack. I convinced her not to wait on getting to the hospital. So, we were in the ER until almost 4 in the morning, but they got her feeling better & I think this time, she'll actually follow through on surgery. Until she can have it, she is really being careful with what she eats. Poor thing! She was so miserable.

We slept right through church on Sunday, unfortunately. I had really wanted to go, but we were exhausted. J was feeling well enough by noon to get her massage, though. It was her first one. I had given it to her for her 40th birthday & she spent 2 & a half years avoiding it. She loved it! In fact, I just called the massage therapist to schedule another. She admitted that she had been a bit nervous to be doing a massage on J because "you two are starting to get so famous in the women's circles & I really wanted to do a good job for her"! Isn't that odd? I had no idea we are getting famous in any circles. She had also heard about the Uppity Book Women from a couple of friends, so I invited her to that. I hope she can come sometime.

Anyway, we poked around the mall a bit more Sunday, made some returns & had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Their pea soup is yummy! We went to bed early, as J had to get up at 5.

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