Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Last Day of Summer Vacation

I hated to do it to them, but I had to drag the boys out yesterday. I am sure they would have preferred watching t.v. & playing video games all day, but Boot had an orthodontist appointment. Pie took along his Gameboy & I my book. We ran into Jessi, from church, & the kids, just back from Michigan, there. Boot was done before long at all. The good news is that he doesn't have to wear his rubber bands anymore. There is no bad news.

Once home, we had lunch, then I worked on filling out emergency cards, etc. J called to say she was actually going to her appointment with the surgeon. Turns out they don't want her to wait until the end of September to get that gallbladder out, so if there's a cancellation it will be this week, otherwise, late next week. We may not be going to the church camp reunion, after all. I just hope she has the surgery when I can go to the hospital with her & can help her while she recovers. Thursday of this week would be perfect. Her mom is also having surgery Thursday, a pacemaker replacement. I am worried that J's surgery will be during my first week of school. I know my grands will be with her at the hospital, but who will care for her while she's recovering? I am sure they would, but she won't want them to. I am also worried that they will end up not being able to do the surgery laparoscopically.

When she got home, we went out for Mexican, then to Pie's school open house. He has Boot's teacher from last year, as well as Kitty from church for Science, Boot's (strict) Math teacher from last year, & his own (very strict) first grade teacher for Social Studies. We spoke to all the teachers (including the band teacher...Pie wants to play sax), then got ice pops & headed home. Since we'd already gotten dinner out of the way, J baked chocolate chip cookies & we had milk & cookies while watching cartoons. It was a nice way to end the summer. Of course, I stayed up far too late. I read a neat little book called Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl by Nancy Brady Cunningham to J as she went to sleep. Then, I spent awhile reading more homosexuality in the Bible information. I want to finish this book & the Seeow book Brendan recommended before classes start. Right now, I am going to try & breathe right. I just got a call from the middle school about Boot's absence. I watched him get on the bus this morning, so I was a little freaked out. Turns out, he somehow didn't get noticed during homeroom & he is definitely there, so she was able to relay that info to me after a very long wait listening to silence. My god, what a horrible thing to hear on the other end of the phone when I watched him get on the bus!!! My heart just about stopped & my mind started going a mile a minute. Was he kidnapped? Did he run away? Did he end up at the wrong school? Whew! Well, at least I know they'll call promptly if he doesn't show up.

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