Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Zoo Babies & Anniversary Dinner

Friday night, we went to dinner at The Winds, an anniversary celebration a few days late. We ordered 2 appetizers & 1 entree. The appetizers were pork meatballs (delicious, with pine nuts embedded in them) with romesco sauce and fried baby artichokes with creamy watercress sauce. We had cups of their superb cream of mushroom soup & then split the lamp chops with carrot mashed potatoes.
Dessert was malted milk balls & chocolate-covered raisins (both homemade & luscious) at the local indie movie theater. We finally got to see Finding Neverland. J thought it was boring in the middle, but I liked it. We also saw a preview for Bride & Prejudice, a new film, by the director of Bend It Like Beckham, that looks great.
Saturday morning, we stopped for cappuccinos at Dino's, then headed to the Columbus Zoo. We spent all day looking at the bonobos, mandrills, otters, elephants, wolves, gorillas, lions, & such. It was a perfect zoo day! Then, we went out for Indian food.
Sunday, we missed Sunday school, but went to church. After running home to change, we spent the rest of the day at church making sauce & brownies for the spaghetti dinner fundraiser. The boys came to the church when their dad dropped them off. We were so busy cooking & serving that we didn't get much to eat so, after a bike ride & some basketball playing, we had carry-out from the local Mexican place.

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