Friday, April 29, 2005

Indian Food Between Errands

With only a few minutes until Kite Day festivities start, I am typing a quick account of yesterday. Of course, with the chilly weather & rain, I highly doubt any kite flying will be done. But, I can at least go & eat crappy hot dogs & mushy apples & hang out with my dear boys. I think the Kite Day tradition is a lovely one & I am sad that next year, Boot will not be part of it. They're getting older. What a great elementary school they landed in, even if they don't fully appreciate it...what kid ever fully appreciates their school? Well, what Middle American kid, I should say! I bet kids in places where school is a luxury feel quite differently about it.

Yesterday, there was no school, so I took the opportunity to crawl back under the covers after seeing J off. Once up, I rallied the kids. Pie had my granddad's leftover pancake for breakfast & was in ecstasy. We took J's forgotten meds to her, then I took them to lunch at Ajanta India. They are not too fond of Indian food yet, but they are tolerant & we had a good time. I ordered chicken tikka for Boot, whose tastes are a little more cosmopolitan than his brother's. Pie had chicken pakora with plenty of rice & bhatura. I ordered an appetizer of tawa tikki, served with good yogurt sauce, then lamb biryani for my main course. I tried the khulfi for dessert...odd texture, but tasty. Boot discovered that he likes the candied fennel seeds that come with the check...he & I kept eating more of them.

I let them go to the trading card store afterward, but they felt the prices were too high...Boot was checking out the Ben Rothlisberger cards. Then, more errands. Groceries, pediatrician for a prescription, dry cleaner, pharmacy, gas. Once home, I typed up Boot's report on Mars, then did some research on Indian food. Then, it was time to start dinner. I made a Weight Watchers recipe for snapper oreganata (but used mahi mahi since they only had frozen snapper at the grocery), baked potatoes, pea salad (L's with the peanut butter is superior...must get her recipe), and blackberry bread. The fish was terrific. The children had Van De Kamps fish stick/nugget things instead. I hope someday they will appreciate the wonder of good fresh fish, but for now, it's the breaded stuff.

We popped out to the grocery to get doughnuts for the morning, both for work & home, and then spent the evening watching CSI. I wanted to watch an Indian movie, but no luck. We will get to them one of these years.

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