Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Seminary Interview

Yesterday morning was my interview, finally, for seminary admission. I got dressed in my vintage-y black & tan dress with the Bjorn Mary Janes. I got the bitties off to school, then hightailed it over to the seminary. The interview turned out to be more of a chance for me to ask questions than anything. We had fun talking about the new building, the classes, the community work, West Virginia...

I am in!!! Hurrah!!! J is thrilled & is thinking about taking one class per semester with me. I would love that...any extra time with her is a blessing.

I spent the afternoon immersed in financial aid paperwork & planning the classes I'd like to take. I am not sure if I should go for the regular M.Div. program with no specialization or for the specialization in care-giving. I think I'll just do the electives...there is so much I want to learn! Apparently, Greek & Hebrew are not required. I think B's recommendation that I take them anyway is a good one & I plan on doing that. Hebrew this coming year, Greek the year after that.
I am hoping to take the first Hebrew class this fall, along with Intro to the Old Testament, a class on the very early church, and the class that goes along with the community work. I wonder what kind of placement I'll get & if that's decided at orientation, as well. I worry about having enough time, but I know I can do it.

I hadn't made it to the grocery by the time J got home. She wanted to take me out to a celebration dinner, anyway, so we went to Garstka's. The kids were pretty atrocious...rude & loud & wiggly all through dinner. But, the food was great! Pie ordered a BLT & wished he had his brother's cheeseburger. Boot told us that he's learned that it's best never to try anything new...of course, we deplore that attitude, but he is 12 & will grow out of it, with any luck. My Grecian pasta & spanakopita were fabulous. The Greek salad could have used a tad less dressing & the baklava was mediocre, but the rest of the food made up for it. J had steak, of course...she loves steak! (I hope she'll like the taco burgers I make tonight...they're kind of "kid food" & the kids won't even be home. She is having such a very bad day at work today that I really want her to have a nice night tonight.) After dinner, Pie begged to go visit my grandparents, but we didn't want to keep the boys out any later. They both were very sleepy. They seemed refreshed this morning.

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