Friday, April 29, 2005

Kite Day

We awoke this morning to another chilly morning. It was still dark at 5, when we got up, but I could already tell it was going to be grey. I got J's coffee & Walker's all ready. She put them in her car, along with wallet & keys. She headed back in to get something else & we heard the sickening sound of her car door locking itself! The beast locked her keys in itself! I headed straight for my purse, where I always keep a spare, but it was not in its customary place. J was freaking out, needing to be at her meeting on time & muttering dire imprecations. I was frantically rooting around in drawers & tins for the key. Finally, I told her to take my car. She did, swearing that we'd never find the key & would have to call a locksmith &&&. The day was going to be horrible, she would get pulled over & not have her wallet...I assured her that everything would be alright & that I would find the key & spent the next half hour hunting further. I finally did find it, with a little help from St. Anthony. Whew!

So, after the boys got off to school, I headed out to take her car & wallet to her. I stopped at Dino's for a couple of his marvelous coffees. It is always best when he is in & he was this morning. I love how he reaches for the praline automatically when I tell him I'm getting coffee for J. He told me that my cousins are headed for a wedding in Mexico next week. Why don't my friends get married in places like Mexico & Puerto Rico??? I tried a vanilla mocha & found it much to my liking. I also picked up some McDonald's because J informed me that she was starving. So, I got to eat breakfast with her in her office, a nice treat.

On the way back from seeing J, I began the Great Kite Search. I think I found the last 2 kites in town, at Rite Aid, 2 plastic eagles. I had meant to have the boys choose kites while we were out & about, but all 3 of us forgot.

I walked into the school at about the same time as B & we all sat together for lunch. The boys are all such good friends, so it's fun. Her daughter sat with us, as did Mrs. P, while the boys took their own table. The hot dogs were fine, the apples actually crisp, and they had more crunchy snacks than just Cool Ranch Doritos. A relief! I chose Cheetos, real health food.

Since it wasn't raining, we all went out after lunch & made the annual attempt to fly kites with no expertise & little wind. We didn't have much success, but what fun we had! It was neat to see the sky filled with eagles, ladybugs, Spongebobs, biplanes, Barbies, monster trucks, box kites and everything else imaginable! Also, a flock of birds that were shaped rather like kites came around, swooping low like they were showing off how well they were able to fly. We ran into G, with her 1st grader, and chatted with her for a bit, too. The boys begged to be allowed to go over to J&M's. Since it was fine with B, I let them go with her clan. I am sure they'll have a blast. She is going to bring them to the movie with her tonight.

Kidless, I walked home & am procrastinating about writing my piece for next week's issue. I should start, though.

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