Monday, April 18, 2005

Out in the Fresh Air

My weekend started early, with J's arrival home from work at 9:30 Friday morning. I went with her to her first neurologist appointment. Then, we took her Bug in for a brake job & grabbed some Starbucks. We got home just in time for the kids' honor roll assembly. After that, we took them to spend the night with friends. The mom is a friend of ours, so we hung out & visited for awhile.

After a 2 hour bike ride, on which we met a kitten & smelled wonderful chive smells & fed ducks/geese/swans, I fixed dinner, pork with a soy-peanut sauce, steamed broccoli, and orange biscuits. We went to bed pretty early, although I was up until about 11 reading a mystery & talking to my grandmom on the phone.

J left for work about 5:30 Saturday morning. After seeing her off, I went back to sleep for awhile. When I got up, I wrote the food review & the column that were both due & checked some e-mails.

When J got home about 4, we had an early dinner. J broke out the grill for the first time this season & made hot dogs & brats. I had made potato salad with avocados, dressed with olive oil & lime juice, earlier & we had that, too.

We had planned to attend a high school play in my home town, but J had to go in early again Sunday & was just bushed. So, we went to bed at 8 o'clock. She went to work about 6. The boys & I went to Sunday school (our class watched a video about whether religion has any place in politics & discussed it) & church (I was the lector).

After church, I had a Christian Education team meeting. J arrived home shortly after we did, so we went & had lunch on the patio at Peach's Grill. Then, we went for an almost 3 hour walk in the woods, to a wonderful pine forest that feels like a cathedral. Once we got home, we went for a bike ride down to the park & back, about 3 miles. I was astonished that it didn't completely wear me out! On our woods walk, we ran into an old housemate of mine & his new wife. They are planning a Bunco party for next month & we are invited. That should be a blast! Once home,
I fixed cheeseburger pasta for dinner & we all went to bed not too long after dinner, another fairly early bedtime.

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