Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Uneventful Day

I will probably have more than one entry with this title! Yesterday's uneventfulness was pleasant. I got the wife & kids off, then spent a little time reading Life of Pi on the couch. It's funny how much I am enjoying it, for the amount of reluctance I felt when the book group decided to read it! It's terrific, really. I must remember to recommend it to my mom...and to thank her for recommending The Time Traveler's Wife so enthusiastically. I loved that one, too. But, who would have thought that a book about a guy trapped on a lifeboat with a tiger could be so interesting? Not I!

I picked Pie up for his check-up, which took very little time but was in depth. I am glad they have a pediatrician who is so thorough & treats the whole person. After I returned him to school, I came home & did some writing & some cleaning & worked on May menus. Once the kids returned, we ran errands. I got a birthday gift for S at Hallmark, a dear little Boyd's bear with a bee body, wings, and a sunflower-bedecked hat. To that, I added a small Yankee candle, vanilla-scented, that matches the yellow on the hat. I hope she loves it. I love shopping for her because all I have to do is find something I would love. JH is different...I am really looking forward to his party, and to meeting his baby & his goats & his ducks, but what to get him?

Pie has been through another rough spot with getting his work done, so I pointed out all my areas of responsibility & how I don't always like doing those things. Then, we talked about what might happen if I didn't do each thing. I think he is starting to get it.

After errands, I quick threw together the meat & marinade for the kebabs. It was apple juice & vinegar with onions, garlic, a touch of sugar, some cumin, and citrus zest. I love my zester. Once that was tucked in the fridge, I tidied the kitchen & dashed off to the Mother's Day banquet meeting, leaving J with the menu. The meeting was productive. We segued right into committee night, starting with picture-taking for the directory...they oughta warn us! It was a long one and I ended up leaving before it was over.

When I got home, J had the kebabs all made, along with some pecan rice, and had fed the kids & put them to bed. I poured some olive oil for bread dipping & we watched a PBS show (Frontline, I think) on Wal-Mart. Those guys are dark. I'm glad we don't shop there.

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