Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lunch with the Granddaddy

Yesterday after a long Bible study, I discovered that it was Retired Teachers' luncheon day. So, it was just me & my granddad for lunch. It reminded me of all the Wednesdays he spent with me when I was a kid, trips to the lake, to his table tennis games, to the airport to see the planes. We had lunch at Clifton Mill yesterday, a turkey sandwich & some bean soup for me, 3 gollywhoppers of pancakes for him. He couldn't eat all those, so Pie had one for breakfast this morning. They were plate-size, just enormous. They smelt of graham crackers...mmm. We maintained an easy chat the whole time. I just really enjoy his company. On the way back to my house, we saw some freshly-shorn sheep, white & gorgeous...and probably freezing!

Once home, I did some writing & some laundry & spent some time out on the ocean with Pi. J didn't know what she wanted for dinner, so we went up to the little grocery nearby. She decided to make cube steak sandwiches with cheese, onions, peppers, & mushrooms. We had tater tots (her suggestion, oddly) & corn with them, a good Middle American dinner. The sandwiches were terrific. The rest of the evening was spent watching CSI: New York, with J falling asleep on my lap a quarter of the way into it. Uneventful, but good.

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