Thursday, September 01, 2005

Orientation Weekend

Last Friday, I got everyone off to work & school, then finished watching Meet The Parents. After it was over, I got myself ready & headed to the seminary. Orientation was from noon to 9 on Friday. It started with a box lunch, moved through a bunch of introductions & meeting with our ministry formation groups, and ended with a picnic, more intros, & a vespers service. I met a lot of people, both faculty & students, and had some great conversations. The people in my ministry formation group are not people I would probably have chosen to be around, left to my own devices, & they are great. The woman who coordinates that seems to have done a really good job mixing & matching us up. My facilitator is a black woman who is a retired Methodist pastor & is also a sculptor. I was really nervous about how these people would react to my having a wife, but no one seemed appalled or even really fazed. Everyone seemed to open up right away. We are bound to confidentiality, but I will say that some of those people have been through some pretty extreme stuff. Brendan cautioned me against losing boundaries, when dealing with what he calls "the broken healers" & letting people suck me dry. I think I can handle it, though. I am so pleased at being able to be fully out at seminary.

When I got home, J had a Cinderella Boyd's bear, with a tiny tux-clad mouse, waiting for me. She said she's really proud of me. I was exhausted & we went on up to bed. Saturday's session went from 8-3, so I was up bright & early. There were more introductions, a worship service, meeting with our academic advisor, and registration. I bought most of my books, too. I am so excited! The classes I'm taking this semester are Hebrew, Intro to Old Testament, a class on the very early church, & the ministry formation. When I got home, I pulled up all my syllabi & got started on my reading. J & the kids got back from the mall shortly. J was exhausted, so she napped while I started on my reading for school. I have to have 2 books & other readings done by Tuesday.

J & I went to a great restaurant called Mela for dinner. I had a pear, roasted, drizzled with honey & olive oil, sprinkled with rosemary, & served with gorgonzola & walnuts for my appetizer. J had really good tomato bisque. We had beautiful little salads, mine with a creamy orange vinaigrette & J's with tomato vin. Then, she had a great ribeye with Yukon gold mashed potatoes & asparagus. I had sesame shrimp with a risotto cake. My dessert, chocolate lava cake, was disappointing, but J's caramel bread pudding with Bailey's sauce was fantastic. After dinner, we watched a little t.v. & went to bed.

In the morning, J didn't feel well enough to go to Sunday school, but we did go to church. She made it just past the sermon, then went home to lie down. I stayed with the boys, who were acolytes, until the end of the service, then checked on her. She was fine, so I went back to coffee hour & visited. When we got home, J suggested a video store trip. We got all 3 Matrix movies & Meet The Fockers. We'll probably never watch that last one, but I got it in the hopes that somehow, we would. We did watch The Matrix & part of the second one. I found myself extremely bored by them. Oh, well. J loved them. While she remained immersed in the second one, I made muffin tin meatloaves with boiled potatoes & lima beans for our supper. We had a quiet evening in & headed to bed early.

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