Friday, September 30, 2005

Lunch with My Mom & a Close Encounter

Yesterday, I read The Rule of Benedict & Wisdom of the Desert Fathers for my class on early Christianity while J slept in. My mom arrived at lunchtime to say goodbye before she headed back to the woods. She took us out to lunch at Oasis. I had a cheeseburger, something I've never ordered there before, and fabulous 5-cheese soup. J had a huge plate of chili & pasta & my mom had a veggie sub. We all tried their pumpkin spice cappuccino & found it wonderful. We ended up being given it free because the service took so long. Honestly, we were fine with the time, but it was a nice thing for them to do for us. We sent my mama off with a sack of goodies (Cheez-Its, Dutch Cocoa cookies, doughnuts for Graham, red pear, nectarine, etc).

Then, J went back to sleep while I continued to read. When Boot got home, I helped him with his fractions & filled out his school camp paperwork. I am sad that he says he's only going so he can get out of school & that he is unhappy because they have to do "crappy educational stuff". I hope that he feels differently when he's there. Learning can be so much fun. It makes me feel like saying he can't go & donating his fee for it to a kid who really wants to go but can't afford it. Oh, well. When Pie got home, he finished his journal entry on books (he says his favorite kind of book is poetry & his favorite author is Shel Silverstein), then practiced his sax. He is getting really sounds like music. I am astounded, since he's been doing it such a short time. He is practicing "Au Claire de Lune" for Monday. I read some more desert wisdom while he played.

Boot had an orthodontist appointment yesterday & we all went along. We got good news, too! It looks as though in 2 or 3 visits, his braces will come off! Yippee! After the appointment, we stopped by Lowe's to price lumber for a clubhouse. J was shocked at how expensive things are. I suggested that we check Freecycle &, lo & behold, Lilith has some things in her garage we are welcome to! Pie is thrilled. He wants to learn to sew so that he can make curtains for the clubhouse. Boot doesn't want him to learn to sew. Unmanly, I expect. I'm glad Pie does what he wants to do, without regard to gender expectations. The good news is that curtains are within my limited set of sewing knowledge & I have even made them before. I'll have to get out the sewing machine this weekend & see if I remember how to set it up & thread it!

Last night, I made Mexican-spiced meatballs with creamy guacamole dip & spicy chili dip for dinner. J made some cheesy nachos to go with the meal & that's what the kids liked the most. Sure, they ate their meat, rice, & corn. But, their hearts were in the nachos. They are really nacho kids...adore them. I thought the nachos were great with the guac dip.

After the kiddies were in bed & J was working on something for work (she went back today, but only for a few hours...I hope!), I took the spirit plate out. It's gotten chilly & the grass was cold & wet on my sandaled feet. So, I wimped out & took it only as far as the winter spot, in the azalea bed by the screened porch. Then, I watched 10 minutes of CSI with J before hitting the books again.

When I went to get the kitties inside, they were intent on someone beyond the screen. I expected a groundhog or possum. Pixie wasn't riled up, just a little edgy, so I knew it wasn't another cat. It turned out to be a raccoon! It was a young one, and not afraid of me. It walked around the porch, snuffling as it went. It was very interested in the cats. It didn't seem aggressive, just curious. Pixie wouldn't stay by the screen when it came near, but Storm sure did & she got thoroughly sniffed. I clicked at it with my tongue, like I do to call the cats, & bent down. It stood up on its back legs until its little, pointy, masked face was level with mine. It sniffed at me & looked at me for a minute, from just about a foot away, then went on its way. What a neat experience. I am pretty sure it's used to being able to duck into the groundhog holes & go under the porch because it went to the spots we filled with gravel on Wednesday. I hope no one digs back under the porch. Pie wants to name it after me, Dario if a boy & Daria if a girl. He is thrilled to have "another pet!" I have instructed him never to try & touch it!

Anyway, I sure do feel blessed to have the life I have.


Andi said...

I wish that I'd known earlier that your mom was in town. I'd have brought Garnet over so that they could meet... You should let me know next time and I'll make sure that we can make it over.

Sonya said...

Sounds like a great visit with your Mom! Great update on the kids. Glad to hear J is recovering nicely, I hope she doesn't overwork herself to quickly at work!