Friday, September 02, 2005

Joining Band

No, not me, Pie! I spent much of yesterday writing, organizing the laundry room, and reading for school. But, last night, we went to the 5th Grade Band Meeting. Pie was so very excited that he could hardly sit still. After the meeting, we signed him up & made arrangements to rent-to-own an alto sax for him. I was all for getting him a good used one, but J insisted on brand-new. I hope he's serious about this music thing, with that kind of price! He is certainly thrilled with it right now, saying he's going to practice for an hour a day& that's it's better than if we bought him "THREE X-Boxes and a million gajillion video games!!!" We are thrilled. I think he really will be serious about this & will make a fine musician.

We took dinner, lemon-pepper chicken & pasta with Caesar salad, fresh pineapple, & ciabatta, out to my grands' house. Pie told them all about joining band & showed off his music book & t-shirt (the back of which says "MUSICIAN"). He told me that some people will probably call him a band geek, but he doesn't care. I told him that he shouldn't care. The grands were amused by his fervor. My granddad got out his old clarinet & showed it to Pie, who said he maybe should have picked that instead. My granddad told him he doesn't have to choose, that many musicians play several instruments. He offered use of his clarinet to Pie if Pie ever gets interested in it. He is so kind.

Today, I was so wiped out that I dozed off while reading about the Bible's English translations. I was awakened, drool soaking my pillow, by a call from J asking if I wanted to come to the plant for lunch. I took a couple of sandwiches, some chips, & a slice of turtle cheesecake from Current & she actually hung out in her office most of the time I was there. It was really nice having lunch with her. I hope my Fridays remain open so that I can do that fairly often.

This afternoon, Boot has been sequestered in his room since he got home from school. He is in good spirits & seems to have shaken the exhaustion he had going on yesterday. Pie has been without screen time due to an academic detention (already!) so he's been busy taking apart the printer my granddad gave him for just that purpose.

Tonight, we will either be having fondue by candlelight on the back porch, going to a church camp reunion & sleeping in a cabent, or going to a lesbian camp-out at a state park. Interesting range of options...we'll see what J picks.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why you are suddenly getting seemingly "spam" on your comments. Seems very odd. Please don't let it detor you, you have a nice blog going and I really enjoy reading it.

Daria de la Luna said...

Why thank you. I will simply keep deleting spam comments. LOL!