Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How Time Does Fly

Man, have I been busy! Between school starting & hanging out with my wife as she recovers from gallbladder surgery, I haven't had a spare moment, it seems. Soon, I will start my internship/placement at the UCC church, too. Whew!

J's gallbladder was happy to come out laparoscopically & my grands had her home by 11 o'clock. I have spent most of my time either doing schoolwork or keeping her company since the 15th. This being reading week, I have just a scootch more time. I actually read a fiction book (Hard Time by Nevada Barr...great book!).

My mom is in town this week & I plan to spend a little more time with her. She arrived Friday evening shortly after the boys left. We visited for quite awhile, then hit the grocery. We had spaghetti with vodka sauce, Tuscan bread with olive oil dipping sauce, spring mix with raspberry vinaigrette, and fruit with brown sugar sour cream for dinner. Then more visiting before a late turn-in.

Saturday morning, I saw my mom off to the blacksmith gathering, then climbed back in with J for more snoozing. We roused ourselves later in the morning, picked up some coffee at Dino's, & met my mom in Troy. We poked around the fairgrounds for awhile, checking out the metalwork on display (my favorite things were a beautifully crafted toasting fork & a set of doors with gorgeous ironwork & a dragon theme). Then, we had a wonderful lunch (lemon almond chicken salad for me, curry chicken salad for J, & a grilled portabella sub for my mom) at Night Sky Coffee House. It's delightful in there. Makes me wish it was in our town. We poked around the square (book shop, bakery, gift shops) & had dessert at Night Sky before heading back to our neck of the woods. Oh, and we bought Pie a sax cleaning kit.

On the way home, we stopped at Barnes & Noble & had dinner at Chili's. I really like their boneless buffalo wings. Then, we went on home for more visiting. Sunday, my mom headed back up for blacksmith doings while we slept in. Then, when she got home, we took her to brunch at The Blueberry Café. J ordered us all mimosas. My mom & I had omelets, while J had a buffalo chicken salad. Then, J suggested we head down to Waynesville for some antiquing. We had fun & J got some old photos she really likes. Little kids, of course. I got a new sign that is sage & cream & says "Scatter Joy" on it. It looks great on the woodstove. Of course, with the cold coming (rumors of snow for the teens weekend of October!), I'll have to hang it.

We made a fairly elaborate dinner Sunday night, inspired by Ina Garten. J & I ran to the grocery while my mom played baseball & cracked geodes with Pie. My mom made an heirloom tomato salad (our grocery had no fennel for it, but it was good anyway), J made French onion soup, and I made a goat cheese tart. I also made orange chocolate mousse. We ate around midnight, due to lack of planning & too much talking during preparations, but it was good & very much worth it.

My mom went to stay with my grands yesterday morning, so we're going to go bug them today & tomorrow. I need to get cracking on my word study & other schoolwork, but I also want to hang out with my ma.

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