Thursday, July 07, 2005

Uneventful Summer Days

The kids & I have just been hanging around the house, for the most part. They're not eager to do much away from home, just want to play video games & do board games with me & run around in the hose water. I'm okay with that. No point trying to force them to have fun doing things kids are supposed to want to do if they don't want to do them. I would love to be heading to the lake or pool every day, or hosting their friends, or hitting the movies or museums. But, they want to be home, alone. Odd.

I did have to drag them out a couple of times. Boot had an orthodontist appointment Tuesday. Tuesday night, we all went to Wot-a-Dog drive-in for burgers & ice cream. Yesterday, I tried to take them to lunch at the place I have been trying to eat at since last week...I'm reviewing them...but they were again closed. This time, there was at least a sign on the door, so we'll try again today. We stopped by A&W/Long John Silver's instead, much to the kids' delight. They'll take fast food over a real restaurant anytime.

Last night, I made BBQ brisket sandwiches with corn on the cob & steamed green beans for dinner. Boot had been asking if we could have brisket sandwiches, so I thought it was appropriate to make them for our last dinner together before their summer visitation. They turned out well. I even made the BBQ sauce from scratch, something I am often too lazy to do. It's really not that hard, so I don't know why I don't just always make it. After dinner, we went & played outside. We caught fireflies & made s'mores (how many moms fire up the grill just for s'mores?) & Pie discovered that my hydrangea, which hasn't bloomed for 2 years, had some blooms on it. They are now in the family room. Gorgeous! I am thrilled & hope we get more this year.

I saw J off this morning, then went back to sleep. When I awoke, I discovered that we had no water! Turns out that the city is cleaning the main & had to turn off the water to all the houses in the neighborhood...and neglected to tell us beforehand! The guy I talked to said that we should have gotten a letter. We'll probably get it today. Might have to nip out to my grands' to have a shower & brush my teeth & get the kids bathed & brushed, too. Don't want to send them off to their dad's dirty! I can't believe they didn't notify us that the water would be off all day today & maybe tomorrow, too. Argh!

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Mommy said...

i know i rarely post to you on here, but i want you to know i'm always reading. my arms keep me from typing much. your stories always make me smile. can you email me your bbq sauce recipe??