Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lunch with Andy & Kitty Trauma

Monday started with a trip to the plant to take J's glasses to her. Then, I met Andy for lunch. I gave him a list of possible places to go & he picked Lincoln Park Grille, so we ate there. We split a very good crab cake & 2 desserts (chocolate mousse cake & wonderful crème brulée). He had a club sandwich while I chose chicken salad. Then, he stopped in to show me how to charge the lawnmower battery & how to run both mowers. The grass is getting pretty shaggy & I figure maybe I can do it myself. Although, our old handyman ran over a nail from the deck construction, so I will likely have to deal with that first. I wish I were good at stuff like this! It's dreadfully hot, too, although maybe the rain we're having today will help. So glad we have A/C now.

After he left, I went to the library to read the letters to the editor in response to the article about us. There was a lot of religious spewing, but from the way they wrote, I suspected they have never studied the Bible in any depth and certainly not in Greek or Hebrew. It seemed to me that they entirely missed that we attend church regularly & that I am about to start seminary. There were also NO mentions of any non-religious arguments against gay marriage, just a lot of "militant gay agenda" nonsense. Oh, well. I should write in with a copy of my usual day's agenda (wash dishes, drop off dry cleaning, check kids' homework, work in church office...). I checked out a few books, too, mostly frivolous, girly stuff.

J cooked for us Monday night. She had gotten some wonderful asparagus & made a chicken casserole with it. It was beyond fabulous & we both stuffed ourselves on it. Then, forced in a cookie each, since she had baked. We watched National Treasure, which was a fun adventure romp. We noticed that Jasper was bathing his nether regions quite a bit, but thought perhaps he was simply being fastidious.

However, in the morning, he was clearly blocked & in pain. I sat on the floor beside him, petting him & trying to soothe him. As soon as a vet was in, emergency hours fee be damned, I took him in. He was, indeed, blocked. I left him to be unblocked & came home to sleep, exhausted by emotion. I napped for awhile, then cleaned & ran errands. We got the call about his poor prognosis right before dinner. It was a great dinner (Russian sandwiches, corn on the cob, boozy fruit), but it was hard for us to think about anything besides our kitty. I read & petted J to sleep early, since she had to be at work by 5:30 this morning.

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Andi said...

It was great to talk to you the other day. I was just thinking about Jasper and thought that I'd check in.