Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Girlie-Girls on the Weekend

Friday night, I had to go to Smokey Bones for a review. It was awful. The atmosphere was unpleasant (& confused...couldn't decide whether to be a sports bar or a North Woods lodge...neither of which has anything to do with barbecue), the service deplorable, and the food simply mediocre. I felt bad dragging J there when we could have had The Winds. Oh, well.

Saturday, we lazed in bed for a good long time. Then, we had brunch at Christopher's (Ajanta India being closed) & headed to the mall. We were poking around Parisian when J said, "You know, I've never had one of those make-overs they do". I promptly took her over to the Prescriptives counter for one. It was really fun. We both got them done. She didn't like how dark the lipstick was & she didn't like the mascara (I thought it looked really good), but she was pleased with the rest. We hit Lane Bryant, too. She got an outfit for work & I got a couple of Indian-style tops and a sweater set. Also, some more faux pearls. I passed on the $90 jeans. According to Elle, that's a great deal. According to me, it's insane. I'll stick to my Levi's, thanks.
We picked up Bob Evans to go for dinner & watched junk t.v. until our eyes were bleary. We saw the Andy Milanakis show for the first time. That kid is funny! Insane, perhaps, but funny.

Sunday, we went to church. It was VBS Sunday & the kids were really cute. People kept exclaiming over us, saying they hadn't seen us in a few weeks & they were worried about us. That was rather gratifying, since it was our first Sunday back since the article was printed about us being gay. No one was unfriendly, that I could tell. One fella said, "Boy, you sure know how to get the ink", another commented that they'll have to pay for our autograph now that we're famous. One guy who's in our Sunday School class was very pleased with the article. Both of his sons are gay. Brendan's comment was that he was impressed that the paper got all the facts right for once. He also said there were some stupid letters, so I headed to the library yesterday to see. Yep, there were...but there were supportive ones, too.

After church, we ran a couple errands & picked up KFC, with every intention of going in to the plant so J could work on her budget. But, she was simply too exhausted & we napped instead. We met a couple of the gals from work for dinner & drinks at Texas Roadhouse. That was a blast & we ended up hanging out much longer than we expected. So, we just went to bed when we got home.

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