Friday, March 18, 2005

Getting Warmer

I spent time out on our deck this afternoon, getting leaves swept off & the table glass cleaned. Soon, it will be hammock time again. Ahh! I think it must have been in the high 50s or maybe even 60 today & it feels fantastic! Makes me feel like opening all the windows & airing out the house. Maybe I should put a fairy house out on the deck. My friend D sent me a picture of the wondrous fairy house her oldest daughter created. Also, a pic of her younger gal, who adores all things pink & sparkly...a kindred spirit...resplendent in a pink gown with pouffy tulle skirt & giant hot pink heart sunglasses, holding an orange bowling ball about the size of her torso. She is over the top fabulous! What a couple of delightful, creative girls they are raising!!!

It's been a fairly uneventful few days, with time spent reading, cleaning, having the kids' friends over. I went over to the beauty college & got my hair cut yesterday...what a silly thing to do. It looks silly, with bangs entirely too short. Betty Page, I am not. J doesn't get why I don't go to a good salon. Force of habit, I suppose, but I am changing that. It took that girl an HOUR to give me a silly-looking haircut, when all I wanted was a trim for my sheepdog bangs. Today, I had my brows waxed, at a good salon. The gal who did them kept gushing about how gorgeous they are, how jealous she is of them, how perfect my arches are. She called my brows "luscious" & told me I have "movie star eyebrows". Isn't that funny? Of course I was pleased, but it seems such a funny thing to gush over. Every time I get them done, someone (either a customer or a beautician) does that. What I thought were one of my worst features turn out to be one of the best.

In other events, my dad sent me an e-mail full of praise about my writing skill. He also said to write as much as I want, as he really enjoys hearing from me. Who'da thunk it? Maybe J will someday meet him after all. I would love to meet his wife. I dreamed about her the other night...I think we were out shopping. We'll have to travel to Miami one of these days.

Yesterday, we celebrated St. Paddy's Day by making a big Irish feast & taking it over to my grands' house. My granddad was out at amateur radio club, his first drive since he broke his wrist. Progress! We had dinner with my grandmama, who wore orange in honor of the occasion (I was in great-great grandmother was probably rolling over in her grave). She had part of her hair pulled back with a tortoiseshell comb...quite whimsical compared to her usual no-nonsense style...& she looked like a little girl! I loved it. She cracked us up by saying that she looks like Kramer if she doesn't hold it back! I made a big pot of Irish stew with lamb, a bigger pot of colcannon (heavy on the cabbage), & a loaf of Irish soda bread. It was delicious AND I didn't spill a drop in my beloved car. The last time I transported food in the car was the day of the black bean soup disaster!

Off to have my weekend adventures...they will include some hockey, some boys overnight, and Sunday school teaching...I am excited about the palms.


Robyn said...

i have JUST started having my 'stache and brows waxed...and while it hurt like a mother(!)'s awesome! all those years of plucking...with one eye shut...OVER. the 'stache is something else altogether. YEARS of bleaching...and now..i just have to go get my hairs ripped off my face once a month. still...the plentiful tears seem worth it.

Daria de la Luna said...

I just found this comment & am in hysterics!!! I only started the waxing thing a few years ago...right before I met J...and feel so pampered every time I go.