Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Back Roads & Grandma Clothes

Yesterday morning found my mom spending her last few hours of this visit. We visited over mugs of green tea, Easter eggs & cinnamon toast, and the book "West Virginia 24/7". I love those 24/7 books. We talked recipes & child-rearing & politics & poetry. I love having a mom who is also a best friend. I just always hate the leaving part, but she loves her sweetie the way I love my sweetie, so she needed to go home. If only we could teleport!

After that big blue truck rolled down the road, I waited for R to appear for one of our Monday lunches. When he arrived, I pumped him for his "wonderful news". It is wonderful, indeed...he is going to be an uncle again! In high school, I never would have thought P would have wanted to be a mom & now here she is with her third baby on the way. From all I hear, she is a wonderful mom. I am so happy for her to be happy.

R & I went out to the local Mexican place. I just love the succulent colors in there. Makes me want to visit Frida's Blue House. R chose the "Speedy Gonzales"...taco, enchilada, & rice. I love their rice...it has potato bits mixed in. I don't know if that's a traditional Mexican thing, but it adds an interesting textural change. I went for the huevos con chorizo & they were wonderful. Of all the sausages in the world, chorizo is my favorite.

I mentioned during lunch that I wanted to take the kids to Sonic, since they've never been. The only one in the area is down in Middletown & I have never wanted to go wandering to find it while I had my car-weary wife with me. R said, "Middletown's not that far...wanna go find it?" I love that about him...he is always so willing to have an adventure. He has always been that way. So, we headed down 75. We found the Sonic not too far from the interstate...close enough that I can easily take J & the kids. We ordered hot fudge malts & hit the back roads home. I love traveling back roads & seeing new scenery, so it was great fun for me.

In the afternoon, I had to take my favorite kitty to the vet. He started coughing over the weekend & I was worried about him. Well, it was horrible. He is so cautious of other people anyway & the vet's office sent him nearly over the edge. He managed to work himself into enough of a panic that he was panting heavily, looking at me with eyes & mouth wide. I felt dreadful for him. Luckily, the vet thinks he simply has a hairball (no doubt from grooming the long-haired kittens) & gave us medicine for it. Petroleum jelly with tuna flavoring. YUCK!

When J got home, she announced that we were going to shop for Disney clothes for all of us & to eat at BW-3. Pie has plenty of shorts & didn't want any new outfits. J tried to talk him into it, but he was steadfast. He despises new clothes, for some odd reason. Boot was willing, though. We found him some nice shorts & fun t-shirts. He is happiest of all with his underarmor sort of t-shirts. J got a lusciously pink t-shirt & I found some pink & some aqua polka dot panties. We got some new make-up, too. I was aggravated that Target had 16 racks of skinny people swim suits in all different colors & styles & had only TWO racks in plus sizes, all in various shades of navy, brown, and black. What the hell? I will be glad when designers get their heads out of their asses & start making the same clothes in all the sizes. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I want to look like someone's grandma. When I'm someone's grandma, I doubt I will want to look like someone's grandma. I HAVE the spending power, I just can't find what I like. Thank god for Levi-Strauss.

BW-3 was unusually uncrowded. Maybe because all the trivia playing machines are on the fritz. I had looked forward to playing trivia with J while the kids indulged in the claw machine & the video games, but they only had one working machine. Apparently, the company (that would be NTN) has crappy customer service because they have no competition. But, I did get to play one game of it & came in second. The food was fine, the kids & J had fun, so it was a good night. I just enjoyed being in their company.

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