Thursday, March 10, 2005

Day of Browns & Greys

The weather has been particularly blah...chilly & grey, with all the earth & trees turned a hundred shades of brown. But, it's still so beautiful! That just amazes me! I was sitting at Derr Road Inn today looking out the picture windows at the brown fields, brown earth, brown bark & clinging leaves, grey-brown deer, grey sky...and it all looked gorgeous! Certainly not lush, but lovely in its own spare way. Of course, with it being spring...or nearly soul is longing for Florida, Coastal Georgia, the Carolinas. I always want to head South as spring is coming. I could cheerfully spend a week strolling the beaches of Sea Island. Oh, to stay at The Cloisters just once. What a silly dream, but there it is.

I have been doing pretty brown & grey activities, too...nothing exciting. Nice, though. After listening to the boys sing Tom Jones yesterday, I went to Bible study. It was an interesting one, on the dry bones. Resurrection of the body always escapes my memory, even though I SAY it each week. But, I don't really THINK about it. It means that I can still smell hyacinths & taste taleggio in the afterlife...or, that's what it means to me! I made a specifically pro-gay prayer request (of thanks) & our pastor didn't feel right just saying it at that moment, but he found a way to word it that was genuinely meaningful. I am so relieved to have him as our new pastor. He is good for the church.

Our Wednesday lunch was at Frisch's this grandmom gets so tired of Bob Evans. I know she probably wishes we could go to Little Saigon or someplace more exciting. My granddad, on the other hand, could eat at "The Bob" every week, I think. So, I couldn't resist the vanilla Coke & I had some very good fried catfish. It's not Uncle Bud's, but it was good. I loved licking the cornmeal bits from my fingertips.

I did some extra writing exercises yesterday & that felt good. Tomorrow, I will have to find time to finish my review. I have the women's circle in the morning, but after that I could write. I want to start taking walks, too, as Julia Cameron advises. I am really enjoying "The Sound of Paper" (I think that's the title...).

Last night, the boys had been promised Burger King, so we got that to go. Dinner was a quick meant we got the boys to bed right on time, though. That was good because it meant WE got to go right to bed. I read awhile before I slept, but I got to sleep before 10 for a change. I felt so alive this morning. The light is changing, too...I expect that helps.

Today, I spent too much time on poking around. What fun it is there! I do find a decent amount of snobbery on the message boards, though. Ugh.

I had lunch at Derr Road Inn, watching the deer & eating a wonderful grilled turkey sandwich, reading my book & taking notes on creativity exercises I can try. Lots of interaction with strangers there, which I love. On the way in, I helped a woman get her mom's wheelchair out of the trunk. I was so happy to be able to was pretty frustrating for a few minutes because it was wedged in there so tightly. After my meal, I asked the older couple behind me how their pulled pork's hard to find it up here & even harder to find it done well. We ended up in a conversation about food in Nashville. They used to go down there for horse races & told me about Cock of the Walk. They also told me about a place they used to go in Las Vagas where much of the food prep was done tableside. Restaurant as entertainment...I love it!

Afterward, I stopped in to see J at work. She was busy, but happy to see me. And her accountant called me into his office to get the scoop on a hole in the wall in Waldo that is supposed to have sublime fried bologna sandwiches. I haven't had a good one since I left Nashville.

Boot had an orthodontist appointment & we ran some errands. Those stooopid crickets, but I can't let the frog die. And I purposely went to the grocery with a Starbucks inside so I could have some of that appalling wonderful chocolate drink. It's been awhile since I indulged & while indulgence is NOT what my waist needs, it was delicious.

I must go cook...we are having sesame pork, brown rice, and steamed broccoli. Mmm...

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