Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Birthday Parties & Hockey Games...Boys, Boys, Boys

Friday night, we took to boys out to Chili's for dinner. J & I had steaks (I was happy to see that they've added broccoli to the menu), Pie had his standard cheeseburger, & Boot had hot wings. Then, we went home & to bed.
Saturday morning, we went out to pick up a pack of bacon & some cappuccino. Then, J made us a big bacon & egg breakfast.
The boys both had birthday parties to attend, so I played chauffeur while J napped. Boot went to a laser tag party for one of his friends, while Pie went to a play outside kind of party for their mutual friend (whose mom is a friend of ours)...after Boot's first party was over, he went there, too. Between spurts of driving, I napped with J.
The mutual friend & his brother, who is Pie's age, spent the night Saturday night. We fed the boys pizza & took them to see the Dayton Bombers play the Johnstown Chiefs (hockey). There were some people near us who had brought bubbles & blew them throughout the game...what fun!
Sunday morning, we taught the Sunday School class all 4 boys are in. It worked out well...we did some discussion, a skit, & loud shouting of "Hosanna!!!" to practice for their role in the procession of the palms in church. After church, the little boys came back over until their folks picked them up on their way home from church.
We hopped in the car & went down to visit J's mom. On the way, I took J & the boys to their first meal at Sonic. It's a drive-in burger joint that I came to love when I was living in Tennessee. It's taken me all this time to find the one up here...halfway down to Cincinnati. It was fun! Boot & I had coneys & slushies while J & Pie chose burgers & ice cream drinks.
We had a nice visit with J's mom, dad, & aunt. Then, we headed home. I made my annual first day of spring dinner...salmon patties with dilled new potatoes & the slimmest asparagus stalks...and we watched "The Incredibles".

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