Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last Week to Rest

Next week, I start classes again. While I'm getting pretty excited about the intellectual stimulation, I am also going to miss being able to just lie in bed all day when I have a cold, reading Charles de Lint (http://www.sfsite.com/charlesdelint/index.html) rather than John Calvin. It seems that during the semester, I am so busy that I basically drive and study, with a little sleep thrown in. Maybe since I'm not taking 17 hours, that will help. I am taking 16. My goal is to get an H (Honors, the highest "grade" possible at my school) in at least one class. That was my goal last semester and I ended up with 5 of 'em, plus an HP (High Pass). Yeehaw!

Yesterday and today, I basically did nothing. I finished The Onion Girl yesterday and already find myself missing Jilly, Joe Crow Dog, Cassie and all those guys from Newford. I didn't even get dressed yesterday, just hung about the house in my white cotton nightgown. I did do some house cleaning and make dinner, though. Unfortunately, dinner was a big disappointment, to me. J liked it, but I found the seasoning overwhelming, even with my lessened sense of taste/smell. I made a "quick fondue" recipe from the West Point Hostess cookbook that used to belong to J's mom. I was skeptical in the extreme about it due to the onion soup mix, but thought it was worth a try. It was edible, but I would definitely halve or quarter the onion seasoning if I ever made it again. Really, it was no quicker than real fondue with Gruyère and Jarlsberg, and definitely not anywhere in its league. I might make it as a dip for a party sometime, though. It is much more like oniony beer cheese dip than fondue, to be sure. J napped on my lap and ceded control of the remote to me after dinner. I watched junk t.v. I usually never indulge in, so I saw part of "Punk'd" and all of "How Do I Look?" instead of J's usual murder shows. I tend to read through those half the time.

Today, I slept in again, then read a little. Since I have no de Lint to munch on, I took a few bites of Lucrecia Guerrero's Chasing Shadows (http://alpha1.fmarion.edu/~scmlr/V3/newvoice.htm for an interview with Lucrecia), which is a wonderful collection of short stories set in a fictional Arizona border town. Then, I got up and heated up some of the chicken soup J made the other night. It's more like chicken & noodles now and even more delicious. She came home for lunch and then napped in my lap for 20 minutes while I watched Paula Deen. The t.v.'s been on all afternoon even though she went back to work hours ago. Usually, I never have it on, but I got sucked in by Giada, Rachael, Sandra and now Ina, my favorite, who is making fresh lime daiquiris.

I found out about Project 365 from one of my online sisters, Allie, who is officially participating. I have decided that taking a photo to represent each day might just be a good idea for my art journal. So, I commenced today. Don't know if I'll continue or not, but today I took a picture of my Throat Coat tea steeping in one of the beautiful floral mugs J gave me at Christmas, accompanied by the tea wrapper and an orange with an interesting navel. If I knew how to post pictures on my blog, I would show y'all, but I am so not techno savvy!

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