Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Long-Needed Post AKA My Boring Weekend

Wow, the 6-week Calvin class I took this semester really prevented me from doing anything but reading from the Institutes of Christian Religion! 350+ pages of that stuff every week on top of my usual responsibilities was a little much. But, I'm glad I took it. Now, my paper is finished, I'm starting a youth ministry class and I kind of feel like I can breathe a bit.

There's no way to do any kind of catch-up. Had a marvelous trip to Disney with my mom, aunt Jeanie, my cousins Aaron & Leah and Leah's boyfriend. Drooled over the astonishingly gorgeous azaleas in exuberant bloom all over Savannah and came down with a bad case of the blues when I arrived back in Cleveland on Easter to a snow-covered landscape. Ugh! Luckily, it's melted and J and I were dancing on the front porch of our new house Monday night. The new place has room for each boy to have his own room and us to have both a library and a studio! Yippee!

So, I'm down at Clydesdale for the week and about to watch "Ghost Hunters" with Jeanie. It was filmed at Wright Patterson AFB, so it will be interesting to see what that's all about. Then, it's back to theology. I need to read a little bit more for my independent study. Tomorrow morning, I'll make orange lemon bars for my classes and study some.

We had the boys over the weekend and they said (at least) two very funny things. On the way home from their father's, they were arguing. Pie told Boot to shut up. Boot's response? "Can I shut down?" Clever boy. On the way home, they were play fighting. Pie said, "Okay, I don't know how this happened, but somehow my sandwich is in my nose." I think he'd not chewed very well or something & the exertion of tussling with his brother made the meatball sub come back out his nose. LOL!

Friday night, I made a taco pie and we all just hung out together. Saturday morning, J made a big egg and bacon breakfast (with a nice pot of Café Feminino from Trader Joe's), then we went to the mall with Boot. Had a blast with him. Went out to the Irish place at Crocker Park (had some good Guinness stew), then poked around the stores and soaked up some sunshine. I found a Bollywood workout DVD I think might be fun. Saturday night, J made a steak dinner (cooking from the freezer, she calls it) and we hung out at home. Sunday, I went to church. Enjoyed socializing at coffee hour to the extent that I was one of the last to leave. J fed me, then we went shopping to use up the allowance that was burning a hole in Pie's pocket. We took them home, then celebrated our 7 year anniversary of dating with dinner at Maria's, a great little Italian place in Lakewood where my aunt & uncle had their 20th anniversary party a few years ago. Then, we exchanged gifts when we got home. I gave her a bike lock, to signify that I am getting her a bike of her choosing. I'm going to get my trike fixed up so we can ride together...ahh, the library trips we can make. She gave me a really pretty gift certificate-not sure what I'll get yet. Something for the house or yard, I expect.

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