Monday, January 28, 2008

Wrestling and Resting

This was our weekend to have the boys. Their father, failing to dissuade the coach from allowing us to attend the boys' away wrestling match, decided he just wouldn't allow the boys to go. So, we picked them up at his house at the scheduled hour and simply took them to the match our own selves. J had already arranged with the coach to meet the boys there. The middle school was not participating in the match, but the coach wanted the middle school team to watch the high school match. We don't want visitation to screw up athletics or other activities for them because we watched things get screwed up for them due to visitation with their father for years. Now that we have lost custody, we feel we ought to facilitate their full participation in whatever activities interest them. Even if it means getting a hotel there or traveling early or late.

So, although they were late, they did get to go. The match ended early because there weren't enough weight matches, so we didn't have to make the two hour drive at 10 or 10:30 at night, a blessing. The wrestling turned out to be very interesting. It reminded us of nothing so much as mantises fighting, all gangly arms and legs and motion. Pie wanted to go to Sheetz, a gas station with touch screen food ordering & automated milkshake machines for dinner, so we stopped on the way home.

The next day, they all slept in, ate at a sports bar nearby and went shopping. I got up early and went to my art gang get-together, spent the day socializing and putting together art journal pages. Once home, I commenced cooking, making a spicy cheeseburger soup for dinner and baking a chocolate raspberry cake (recipes coming soon at J watched "Cutthroat Island" from one couch while Boot napped on the other. Pie could be heard laughing in the background as he slaughtered zombies in his room. After dinner, we all snugged in to watch the newest "Pirates of the Caribbean," in which we were all disappointed. Then, early to bed due to our projected early start Sunday.

They started early, all right, about 6 a.m. but I ended up in bed all day with a cold I picked up in Miami & thought I was simply going to toss off. J & the boys went back to PA for a little kids' wrestling tournament/fundraiser and went to see "Cloverfield" (which J says was awful...she'd rather have gone to see "Rambo"!). I spent the day in bed with cats and a Charles de Lint novel. He is my current favorite author. When J came home, it was with a bouquet of roses & tulips, a box of Kleenex, Valencia orange juice and all the makings for chicken soup. While she cooked, we watched the SAG awards, then switched to "Benny & Joon" while we ate.

It was a delightful weekend, aside from being sick, and it was nice to have the boys so happy to be spending time with us. What a change!

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md said...

Hey Daria, I just now read about you guys losing custody and I'm so sorry. I know you're doing what you can to make the best of a bad situation ... hope you're well. Mary