Thursday, June 01, 2006

Launching "La Luna Cooks"

My foodie/chowhound blog is now up at for anyone who'd like to see it. One post as yet, detailing things we've eaten in Cleveland so far...and with recipes for Pan-Seared Filet with Merlot Sauce, Warm Pecan Vinagrette and Strawberry and Chocolate Pie. Have fun!


Andi said...

It's probably more a sign of where I'm at mentally/emotionally today than anything else but I want to cheer your decision to just start this blog instead of waiting to try and get a paid blogging gig. There's nothing to stop you from applying for a paid position, but I'm probably not in the right place to discuss this right now.

Daria de la Luna said...

No doubt. I just enjoy writing. Would be nice to get paid to blog, but I can't imagine that they'd find my life fascinating enough to hire me! I think yours is, though.